Tracks may be effected

In 2017, the state government set aside $2.3 million to ensure that the 6,510-hectares of heathlands are protected and enjoyed as an important natural, social and community asset.

In consultation with the community, Parks Victoria will be developing an Implementation Plan for the Great Otway National Park (Anglesea Heath). The plan will guide management and future use of the area. A key outcome is to increase protection of the heath’s environmental and cultural values, while supporting suitable community activities.

How do you see the Great Otway National Park (Anglesea Heath) supporting the community into the future? The community is invited to share its views on the future use of this special area.

Parks Victoria is planning to improve opportunities and build facilities for suitable recreation opportunities. Community views are being sought on how the area can be used for recreation and community enjoyment. Decisions will be underscored by the need to protect the national park.

The Great Otway National Park (Anglesea Heath) is one of the richest and most biodiverse areas in the state. It accounts for one quarter of Victoria’s plant species, and provides habitat for 29 recorded mammal species and more than 100 native bird species.

Please visit the page linked for more information and complete the survey.

There are a number of tracks that will be effected by this proposal so your input is vital