Forest Fire Management Victoria crews have responded to seven fires across the region in the past few days: four in state forests, two on private property and one at a rubbish tip.

Gippsland’s Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Chris Stephenson said: “All these fires are a reminder of how quickly a fire can take hold, even after the rain we’ve had in some parts of the region.”

“Forest Fire Management Victoria firefighters were onto all the fires quickly, supported in some cases by aircraft in the less accessible, steeper forest areas.”

Rawson-Old Steel Bridge fire on the Alpine Walking Track north of Rawson is currently eight hectares and still going. The fire has been bombed by aircraft and crews are constructing rakehoe lines where they can, in steep terrain.

There is no threat to communities and it’s expected to be contained by later today.

Benambra-Yellow Dog Track fire, 30 kilometres north-east of Benambra was bombed by aircraft last night and crews will walk in this morning to construct rakehoe lines to contain it.

Omeo-Bingo Tice fire, nine kilometres north-west of Omeo was a single tree lightning strike and was contained last night.

Bundara-Emu Creek Track fire, 4.5 kilometres south-west of Anglers Rest is one hectare and was contained last night.

Genoa-Border fire, 8.3 kilometres north-east of Genoa is less than one hectare and was contained last night.

Dawson-Fogarty Road fire was a one hectare grass fire brought under control almost immediately.

Bendoc-Bendoc rubbish tip was less than one hectare and brought under control quickly.

While none of these fires was a threat to community, they are still an indication of the season ahead and the need for everyone to plan and prepare.

Check your bushfire survival plan, talk to your family about what you will do in the event of a bush or grass fire.

Be aware of local conditions and seek information by listening to your emergency broadcasters, go to or call the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.