The spring 2017 Firewood Collection Season will close across Victoria on Thursday the 30th of November 2017.

Forest Fire Management Victoria Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Chris Stephenson said: “From Friday the 1st of December 2017 all designated firewood collection areas will be closed over the summer period, and it will be illegal for people to collect firewood on public land until the start of the autumn Firewood Collection Season.”

“The public will be able to start collecting firewood again from designated firewood collection areas from the 1st of March 2018, pending suitable conditions,” Mr Stephenson said.

“We are collecting information about domestic firewood to help with management, so have your say by completing a five-minute survey on The survey is open until Thursday 30 November.”

Forest Fire Management Victoria staff will be patrolling parks, forests and reserves to ensure people are doing the right thing.

Firewood collection is only permitted during designated times of the year and from designated firewood collection areas.

Firewood collected at these sites is for personal use only and cannot be sold.

Typical on-the-spot fines are around $634 and for offences that go to court, a person may be liable for fines up to $7926, one year imprisonment or both.

To find your nearest firewood collection area or for more information and updates visit, or your nearest DELWP office.

Any information the community may have about the illegal removal of firewood from public land for sale can be reported to DELWP on 136 186 and quote ‘Operation Block Splitter’.