Icom (Australia) sponsorship of Four Wheel Drive Victoria

Icom (Australia) are pleased to announce the sponsoring of Four Wheel Drive Victoria to support them in their continued education and training of the 4WD community. Four Wheel Drive Victoria is the umbrella body for affiliated four wheel drive clubs in Victoria, and represents the interests of all recreational four wheel drivers in the state. It is presently made up of some 88 clubs which in turn have a membership totalling over six thousand subscribed members representing four wheel drive enthusiasts and their families. 

Four Wheel Drive Victoria continue to help raise awareness of responsible recreational activity to keep the areas available for future four wheel driving. Wayne Hevey, Chief Executive Officer of Four Wheel Drive Victoria, said: “We are proud to be both associated and sponsored by Icom (Australia).”

Masahiko Komoda, Managing Director of Icom (Australia) said “The whole team here at Icom (Australia) sees the importance of 4WD training for safety and growing the 4WD clubs for responsible 4WD in the community. More importantly is the Four Wheel Drive Victoria’s focus on conservation, protection and sustainability of the forests so that our children can also experience and use these parks in the future.”

For the next training session or education event please visit the Four Wheel Drive Victoria website:https://4wdvictoria.org.au/index.php/vic-4wd-clubs-available