Four Wheel Drive Victoria would like to thank all our club volunteers who have been out in the bush clearing tracks and cleaning up the bush for all to enjoy.
4WD Clubs that are affiliated with FWDV have many enthusiastic members who get out on the tracks prior to Melbourne Cup Weekend working under the guidance of Parks Victoria and DELWP Rangers clearing and cutting fallen trees, rubbish and debris that has accumulated over the winter track closure period. Volunteers also run othe projects like the Camp Host and High Country Hut maintenance programs etc.
So far this Year ( Y.T.D.) 2018-2019 they have accumulated the following stats.
Number of Volunteers 348
Number of Volunteers Hours 3538.8
Travel Hours total 1028.96
KLM'S traveled 70831
Total Expenditure $20,440.88
Number of clubs involved 29

Four Wheel Drive Club members are very keen to help keep tracks accessible to all bush users and are working with the rangers to ensure both recreational users and fire fighting units can use the tracks.