High Country Huts and Tracks Damaged by Gippsland Fires.
It is with some sadness that we report the loss of some high country huts in the the recent Gippsland fires. Victorian High Country Huts Association are reporting the loss of Glenmore Huts, a group of logging huts located on the Glenmore Road, North-West of Buchan, Victoria, have been destroyed by the Timbarra bushfire.
Many FWD Tracks have been effected by these fires so if you are planning a trip in coming weeks you need to check with the vicemergency App, Parks Victoria and DELWP offices to see if you can still access the area you wish to visit. Four wheel Drive Victoria will post updates as information comes to hand but we are advising all visitors to these areas to check before you go. Some fires are still active despite some rain falling. and effected tracks will be closed to public use for some time until they are deemed safe by authorities.

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