Many clubs are already involved in the Camp Host program and we encourage other affiliated 4WD clubs to think about getting involved. Camp Host is a unique program designed to help and educate visitors to popular camping spots about being environmental aware and minimizing there impact on the bush.

 Camp Host supports the principle that 4WD Clubs are a lot better at educating and policing not only their own members, but the general public also pursuing their recreation. This is provided in a non-confrontational manner, thus increasing the effect it has on individuals who are more open to learning about reducing their impact on the environment. The 4WDV Camp Host program places volunteers from 4WD clubs at selected camp sites in parks across Victoria to provide visitors with local information on four wheel driving as well as park based information.

 The presence of a Camp Host ensures that travellers have a point of contact for information and assistance. This visible presence is also aimed at reducing incidences of damage and anti-social behaviour by other park visitors, through 4WDV camp hosts just being onsite or if required, reporting incidents to PV or DELWP.

Some 35 sites are available for clubs to be part of the camp host program. Visitors to a Camp Host site are given a 4WDV information pack which includes a children’s activity book, club and training information, recreational and environmental awareness and education material which they can take away with them and utilise on future trips.

 The Camp Host program is highly rewarding for clubs who participate as they can promote their club whilst out there and attract new members as well as doing their part to help create a more sustainable environment.

 Scheduled communication links between the base camp and the local PV/DELWP office are established to support the volunteers during their placement.

 Club Benefits

  • Clubs are reimbursed $250.00 for a Long Weekend and $500.00 per Week.
  • We promote Four Wheel Drive Victoria and individual member clubs.
  • We educate the public.
  • We reduce anti-social behaviour
  • We gain valuable information.

 Reporting the Outcomes

One of the roles of a Camp Host Volunteer is to conduct visitor surveys, from which Four Wheel Drive Victoria produce a detailed report for the 4WD Advisory Committee, Parks Victoria, DELWP and Government about the outcomes. Your volunteer hours are logged and help our yearly reports.

 We are currently looking for clubs to run Camp Host over the Easter and Anzac day period in the Lerderderg/Wombat forests and other parks that are away from the fire effected areas.

 If your club would like to help with a Camp Host please contact the office on 98747222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.