A new planned burn notification system is now in operation to better communicate when planned burns will be occuring.

The new approach to bushfire fuel management is about doing more to reduce bushfire risk, and being more effective in how we do it. We reduce bushfire risk by reducing fuel loads – the shrubs, bark and leaf litter that fuel bushfires – through planned burning and other activities, like slashing, mowing and creating fuel breaks.

The new webpage https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/bushfire-fuel-and-risk-management/planned-burns has a map and list below showing planned burns in parks and forests for the next 10 days. Please note, burn timing may change without notice, for weather or other reasons.

You can also sign up to the Planned burning notification system to receive automated SMS and email notifications about planned burns on public land when they are close to being carried out.

The statewide outlook states the burning conditions and likely burning activity for the next seven days.

Please note the Statewide Outlook and the Planned Burn Notification System (PBNS) currently only capture burns on public land. CFA’s planned burns are not yet available online. CFA, together with FFMVic, is investing in systems integration to better capture burning undertaken by all agencies. This is one of the priority projects as part of the Safer Together approach to bushfire management in Victoria.

For information on CFA planned burns, please contact your local CFA District Office.

For information on private burn offs, contact VicFire on 1800 668 511.