Seasonal road closures

Many roads and tracks are seasonally closed to vehicle traffic each year. These tracks are closed to vehicles for visitor safety, to maintain water quality and prevent erosion during the wetter months as rain and snow softens the tracks, making them vulnerable to damage.

Seasonal road closures generally operate from the long weekend in June through to the end of October, but may be extended due to seasonal conditions.

Early seasonal road closures 2019

Early seasonal road closures apply to areas within the Alpine National Park and Yarra Ranges National Park from 1 May 2019 and Great Otway National Park from 1 June 2019. See the maps below for locations of the closures.

Early 2019 seasonal closure maps

Map 20A: Great Otway National Park (West)

Map 26C: Yarra Ranges National Park (South)

Map 35C: Alpine National Park (South West)

Map 35D: Alpine National Park (West B)

Map 35E: Alpine National Park (Central)

Map 35G: Alpine National Park (North East)

Map 35H: Alpine National Park (East)

Due to a number of fires in the Alpine National Park earlier this year, some sites and tracks remain closed. For more information about these closures visit the Fire affected tracks in the Alpine National Park page.

The majority of seasonal road closures will begin on 13 June 2019.