Whilst the office is still officially closed until the 20th Jan, we thought it was imperative that we offer our support to those affected by the disastrous fires occurring across our state in the very recent past and present.

 We are still trying to establish where we go to make the most impact in this regard, but we need to put the call out to all our members to at least think about offering support in donating things such as accommodation, camping gear, food, transport or whatever else is required to assist the unfortunate families and people who have suffered enormous losses.

 We also need to rally our thoughts around acquiring hay to help the livestock around the state to support the farmers and others who have little or nothing to feed their animals. I know there have been some excellent work done before in this regard so am hoping we can once again mobilize an army of volunteers to assist in this very needy project.

Please come back to us with thoughts, ideas of a positive nature so we hopefully can get help to those in trouble at this time and moving forward.  Please contact via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wayne Hevey

CEO Four Wheel Drive Victoria