Relief for fire affected farmers with food, water, hay, pet food, toiletries, and other non-perishable foods were delivered by a large crew of Four Wheel Drive accredited 4WD Clubs last weekend. East Gippsland remote farmers around Orbost, Bairnsdale, Marlo, Omeo, Buchan and surrounds where the recipiants of the volunteer's efforts who mostly traveled from Melbourne'

Supported by Gippsland Farmer Relief the event was organised by Marcus Nash from the Victoria Police 4WD Club, The Blue Green Crew and Four Wheel Drive Victoria. Approximately 60 vehicles participated from various 4WD clubs including Mansfield 4WD club, Amarok Club of Victoria, Club 4x4, Idlers 4WD Club, Midweek 4WD Club, Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria, Bairnsdale 4WD Club, Just Mates 4WD Club, Pajero 4WD Club, Pioneer 4WD Club, Toyota Landcruiser Club of Victoria and the Range Rover Club of Victoria.

Farmers in drought and fire affected properties in Gippsland benefited from the crews visiting and taking some time to simply sit and chat with them.