Parks Victoria has closed some high elevation tracks in the Bluff and Mt Speculation area of Alpine National Park due to recent heavy rains and snow. These tracks have had recent fire control line/rehab works and/or maintenance works – resheeting, drainage.  The recent weather and track conditions mean that these tracks are particularly susceptible to damage from vehicles at this time. Tracks closed are: 

  • Bluff Tk – King Billys Tk, from Bluff Tk Seasonal Road closure gate to Howitt Rd.
  • Nobs Tk – from Brocks Rd to Son of a Bitch Spur.
  • Cobbler Lake Tk – Mt Speculation Rd, between Cobbler Lake and Little Cobbler Tk, including the track section to Mt Speculation. 

Please observe these closures and keep off the tracks highlighted below.   Other tracks may be closed in this area, please see, and for a full list of current park and forest closures and links to FAQ's.

Cobbler Lake Track Speculation Rd closure

Bluff Track King Billy closure

Nobs Tk closure

Thank you.