Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been made aware of a conservation program in Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park and Black Range State Park between March and October 2021.

Heritage listed for its biodiversity and cultural values, the Grampians landscape is home to more than 800 indigenous plant species, a wide range of wildlife and the majority of Aboriginal rock art sites in south-east Australia.

To help protect this unique landscape, Parks Victoria regularly undertakes conservation programs to control invasive animals, including feral goats.

On a few days each month from 29 March until late October, a crew of qualified and experienced volunteer shooters will target these pest animals in remote sections of the parks.

During the operation, access to some sections of the parks will be temporarily restricted and people may be able to hear gunshots. Key visitor areas will not be affected. A document showing the restricted areas and dates is attached.

Park restrictions will be clearly signposted and managed, with information also available for visitors from the Parks Victoria office in Halls Gap, the Parks Victoria website, and by calling 13 19 63.