Four Wheel Drive Victoria has been made aware of further landslip prevention works on Alpine roads within the Hotham and Falls creek region. 

Drainage infrastructure, culvert renewal and replacement

Drainage and culverts are an essential part of road infrastructure, transferring water flow under the road. Blocked, damaged or misaligned drains and culverts can contribute to erosion of the surrounding environment and cause landslips. To mitigate this risk, we will be clearing table drains and renewing and replacing more than 40 culverts on the Bogong High Plains Road and the Great Alpine Road. These works started in March 2021 and will continue to the end of June 2021, weather dependent.

Landslip sites and prevention works

We will also be undertaking works to address sites where a landslip risk has been identified. These works will include reconstruction of the road edge, retaining walls, road realignments, pavement works and other earthworks.

Tawonga Gap Road

Landslip prevention works on the Tawonga Gap Road are nearing completion. These works will improve safety for all road users, prevent future landslips and benefit communities and tourists who rely on arterial road access being open for business all-year round

Works starting April 2021
In addition to drainage and culvert works, construction will start in April 2021 at up-to four locations on the Bogong High Plains Road where a landslip risk has been identified. These works will include horizontal drilling to improve drainage on the cut batter (upper) side of the road at several locations and works to stabilise the fill batter (lower) side of the road at Sassafras Gully. Weather permitting, it is anticipated these works will continue to the end of June 2021.


Changed traffic conditions
There will be changed traffic conditions while the work is completed. A contraflow traffic arrangement will be in place at each location where there is works and speeds will be reduced. If you’re travelling through the area, please keep an eye out for signs and changed traffic conditions. There may be delays of five minutes per work site. When there are multiple sites underway the cumulative delay could be up to 30 minutes. Please plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey.

For more information

Due to the dynamic nature of these works, with multiple sites underway simultaneously, traffic impacts will be regularly updated online at