Four Wheel Drive Victoria notes that some travelers may have left Victoria days before the 7 day lockdown was announced. It has comes to our attention that although all correct permits may have been filled, details about closures

in others states may not be passed on and travelers may still be subject to isolation period and Covid testing. Travelers need to check particular requirements of where they are heading before leaving home

There is a group who left into South Australia before the lockdown with the intention of visiting the Northern Territory with this trip being planned some time in advance. Although all held current permits, only some were notified that if they had been in a Victorian Covid hotspot not to proceed into the Northern Territory.

As this did not apply to the whole group some proceeded with their intended trip, discovering there was not a vehicle checkpoint at the SA/NT border nor was there any signage along the way mentioning this border restriction. Those who crossed the border where able to reach their intended camp ground in Alice Springs where they held a booking, however only at this late stage to be told they will need to be tested and isolate for 14 days before proceeding.