Due to this morning’s storm event the Great Otway National Park have been subject to sever weather which has resulted in the need to close sections of the park for public safety.                                                                                    

The following sites will be closed until 5th November 2021.

- Maits Rest Rainforest Walk.
- Melba Gully.
- Aire River East Campground - Flooded and extremely wet.
- Aire River West Campground - Flooded and extremely wet.
- Johanna campground - sites 6 and & only - Flooded and extremely wet.
- Hopetoun Falls visitor area
- Redwoods visitor area
- Great Ocean Walk - Entire Walk, Including "Hike In" campgrounds - with the exception of Princetown to Twelve Apostles section.

- Elliot Ridge Campground
- Cape Otway Campground
- Ryans Den Campground
- Devils Kitchen Campground
- Erskine Falls Walking Track south of the falls,
- Cora Lynn Walking Track,
- Cumberland River Walking Track,
- She Oak Falls Walking Track,
- Kallimna Falls Walking Track,
- St George Walking Track,
- Canyon Loop including Phantom Falls - Sheoak Nature Trail.
Closure to take place over the long weekend, until tracks, campgrounds and day visitor areas are assessed as safe for public access.
For further information, please contact the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 1963 or visit www.parks.vic.gov.au

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