To make your camp experience a comfortable one and to help keep our forests and bushland in a pristine state make sure to do the following when going toilet in the bush.                                                                                                                                                                 

? Where there is a toilet use it, only leaving your own waste and toilet paper in the sewerage tank.
?If there is no toilet consider having a changer tent at least 100m away from your campsite or streams, with a portable toilet or other arrangements to carry out your waste.
?If on the track with no toilet , bury your waste at least 20cm deep and at least 50m from any water source, bog, bore or dam.
?Take a lighter to burn your toilet paper in the hole before burying it
?Or take your toilet paper out of the bush in ziplock bags
?Take out all other sanitary items
?When in snow make sure to dig the hole down into the soil.

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