Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been advised by Parks Victoria that Wonnangatta Four Wheel Drive Track is closed between Wonnangatta River and Riley’s Creek Track due to a landslip making the road impassable. This section of track was scheduled to re-open in line with other seasonal

closures later in the week. Southern Alps Area Chief Ranger Mike Dower said ‘attempts are being made to access the site and undertake repairs this week with a D6 dozer, but current weather conditions have hampered our attempts. A machine is on route to the location, and it is anticipated the track will be open at some stage in coming weeks, weather permitting. Parks Victoria will inform the public as soon as the works have been completed’. ‘Alternative access to Wonnangatta Valley should be considered noting that very wet conditions can rapidly make all approaches impassable. Emerging soaks on tracks, unstable batters causing slips, and river heights rising rapidly must all be considered when planning and undertaking dynamic risk assessments in the High Country’.


Click HERE to view a map detailing the closure.

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