Four Wheel Drive Victoria would like to notify our members that the autumn firewood collection season will start across Victoria on Wednesday, March 1.

Firewood can only be collected from public land twice a year for domestic use from designated collection

areas during autumn (1 March to 30 June) and spring (1 September to 30 November).
Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) Hume Region Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Jarrod Hayse, said: “Firewood collection areas are selected for a range of reasons including the availability of firewood, community safety, and to protect sites of cultural and environmental significance.”

“Collection limits are in place to prevent stockpiling of firewood, which is important to ensure there’s enough firewood on public land for people who rely on it as their only source of heating.”

“Limits include taking a maximum of two cubic metres per person per day and a maximum of 16 cubic metres per household per financial year.”

“The felling of trees and cutting hollow logs for firewood is also prohibited,” Mr Hayse said.

The Conservation Regulator, FFMVic and Parks Victoria authorised officers conduct regular patrols of forest areas. Significant fines and penalties apply for people who illegally remove firewood from public land.

A Myrtleford man was recently convicted and fined $43,149 for illegally collecting firewood, destroying wildlife habitat and driving off road in the Stanley State Forest.

Firewood collected from public land cannot be sold.

For further information about designated collection areas visit -
Financial assistance is available for people on low incomes who purchase firewood.

The community is encouraged to report suspected illegal firewood collection by calling 136 186.


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