Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been notified of upcoming closures within the Yarra State forest. Please see below for further information.                                                                                                                                       

The Department of Transport (DOT) will be under taking works on the Warburton Highway ASAP. They will need to close the roads and implement a detour of traffic up old Warburton road as well as a potential detour though Yarra State forest. This detour will be managed  by DOT. There is a link below where further information can be found. (timings, maps, etc).

In order to support DOT and the safety concern of forest users in and around the detours DEECA will be temporarily closing a few seasonal gates whilst the detour is in action. Tracks will open after the detour is decommissioned unless this is during the seasonal closure period. 

Yarra State Forest roads that will also have potential changes to access during this period are Burns Rd , Smyth Ck Rd & Blacksands Rd, Mississippi Rd and Big Creek Rd.  

Seasonal closures to be temporarily closed during the DOT detour period 
-Burns Rd 
-Cemetery F/l 
-Ezards Tk 
-Sumner Spur Tk 
-Crusher Tk 
-Mine Shaf Hill Tk 
-Justice Tk 
-Mississippi f/l




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