Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been advised that the Department of Health have issued the below information leading into the 2023/24 Summer Season for both mosquitoes and extreme heat:

Victoria’s mosquito season runs through until April – and cases of Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus have been confirmed in humans. 
The best way to prevent mosquito borne disease is to use these protective measures: 
•    Mozzies can bite through tight clothing. Cover up - wear long, loose-fitting clothing.
•    Use mosquito repellents containing Picaridin or DEET on all exposed skin.
•    Limit outdoor activity if lots of mosquitoes are about.
•    Remove stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed around your home or campsite.
•    Use ’knockdown’ fly spray, mosquito coils or plug-in repellent where you gather to sit or eat outdoors.
•    Don’t forget the kids – always check the insect repellent label. On babies, you might need to spray or rub repellent on their clothes instead of their skin. Avoid applying repellent to the hands of babies or young children.
Extreme Heat 
Extreme heat and heatwaves kill more people than any natural disaster in Australia.
The Victorian Government has developed the Extreme Heat campaign to raise awareness of the risks extreme heat poses to the health of all Victorians.



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