Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been notified of the following updates to Deer programs throughout Victoria by Parks Victoria.

Parks Victoria is working in partnership with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) to recommence the aerial shooting program targeting pest species for ongoing protection of biodiversity in Eastern Victoria.  

Areas of operation include the Alpine National Park including Bogong High Plains, Mount Feather Top, and Mount Buffalo National Park. These parks will be impacted between 5 – 9 February 2024.  
Deer cause serious damage to native plants, animals and habitat by trampling and destroying plants, increasing grazing pressure, ring-barking young trees, fouling waterholes, causing soil erosion and spreading weeds. Parks Victoria takes coordinated action, informed by scientific research and tailored to individual parks and target species, to reduce the damage caused by deer and feral animals. Each conservation program is one of hundreds of programs across Victoria using available tools to protect nature and care for Country. 


Parks Victoria will be recommencing aerial shooting programs targeting deer and other pest species (feral pigs, goats and foxes) for the ongoing protection of biodiversity in Eastern Victoria. 

This communication relates to temporary closures within the following parks while operations occur during the period 5 – 9 February 2024.

•    Alpine National Park - Bogong High Plains and Mt. Feathertop.
•    Mt. Buffalo National Park

Information regarding aerial shooting operations and subsequent park closures that may impact visitors will be available on the Parks Victoria website under the Change of conditions listing. A guide to accessing the Change of Conditions is attached.

For more information about the program and park closures, please visit the Parks Victoria deer information page. 



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