Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been notified by Parks Victoria is conducting an ongoing conservation program to improve the health of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park by reducing deer and feral goat populations. Annual shooting operations are planned to commence in late April 2024 and will continue for the remainder of 2024. 

The first operation is scheduled between 29th April – 3rd May 2024 (subject to favourable weather). This will be undertaken with certified volunteers from the Sporting Shooters Association Australia (SSAA) and the Australian Deer Association (ADA). All Volunteers are expert shooters who have been through an assessment process prior to selection for Parks Victoria operations. 

Shooting operations will be carried out during both daylight hours and also between dusk and dawn under strict conditions designed to ensure safe, effective, and humane control of target pest animal species.

During operations, parts of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park will be temporarily restricted while shooting activities are underway (see fact sheet for map and program details) 

To ensure visitor safety, warning signs will be placed at closures and major road access points to the control area.  Visitors are encouraged to follow all instructions on permanent and temporary signage. 

Deer and goats cause serious damage to native plants, animals, and habitat by trampling and destroying plants, increasing grazing pressure, ring-barking young trees, fouling waterholes, causing soil erosion, and spreading weeds. The most effective method for controlling deer and feral goat populations is shooting. 

This program is funded through the Victorian Government’s Protecting Biodiversity Program.

For further information Please visit our website or contact 13 1963 

Please read the fact sheet below for more information.



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