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Is your 4X4 road legal? VicRoads have online the list of modifications that can be completed to your car without need for certification. Check below to find out what you can do!                                                                                                                               

Labor Day is fast approaching which means another camp host opportunity is nearly here! It is an excellent opportunity for your club to promote itself and attract new members whilst, the presence of a Camp Host ensures that travellers have a point of contact for

Whilst out and about in the bush it is always important to remember to follow the ideals of Tread Lightly. An easy way to do so is to remember the acronym Tread.
Travel on formed tracks only                                                                                     

Take it in, take it out!
The vast majority of bush users do the right thing and drive in a responsible manner, ensure campsites

Has your club been up to any volunteer work recently and has any photos or stories to share with Four Wheel Drive Victoria? We can promote your photos and club across our media platforms which reach to over 100,000 people and give your club great exposure to

Make sure on your trips to stay on formed tracks, not driving off them and causing damage to the environment in which we all love to go for a drive in. Gazetted tracks are only those that are named and marked on maps not tracks that have been illegally

Showcase your club through Four Wheel Drive Victoria! We have a large audience through our media sources and love to show off our amazing clubs. Send in your photos to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with any club stories or trips that go along with

Have you read the December issue of Trackwatch yet?
Jump over to our website and click on the Trackwatch tab to read any of the last 4 editions.

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Did you know that if someone is injured or killed on an organised 4WD trip the organisers