b'SHOW2023 NATIONAL SHOWI f you drove past the Melbourne Showgrounds overcertainly the calm before the storm. We were all setTracks n Trips stage. There was a daily presentationnumbers for our clubs. on the Simpson by Justin Gill of Hema Maps. Justin isSunday brought out the bargain hunters and the also a member of the Peninsula 4x4 Club. To roundsun. With the show in its final day for 2023 everyone out the timetable, Drive Queensland was also onwas out hoping for a bargain from someone who had stage giving tips on sand driving. too much gear to pack up. The crowds were thick and there was plenty of full cars leaving the carpark John Toogood of the Yarra Valley 4WD clubby the end of the day. As 4pm hit and carpark the weekend of the 18th of August 2023 you mightup and ready to go for the show by 10.30am. DEECAwas, once again, the MC on the Outback Stage foremptied the rush was on to pack up. With the Four well have noticed that it was packed to the brimwere not expected to arrive to set up their part ofthe 3 days.Never lost for words, John promotedWheel Drive Victoria trailer hooked up ready to go, with anything and everything 4WD as the Nationalthe stand until 11am, so there was time to sit backour Association and the value in joining a club inas soon as the gates opened to cars, it was bought in, 4x4 Show was running once again! with a coffee and watch all the new, clean trucks rollbetween introducing favourites of the 4WD screen.repacked and we all were out by 5pm, a great effort!As usual Four Wheel Drive Victoria was busy atin and take their spot on their respective stands.All 4 Adventure, 4WD 24/7, Aussie Arvos, Red DirtA big thank you to all our volunteers who helped the show. Manning our stand, running daily talksDEECA arrived and set up and we were all ready toDiary, and Built not Bought all held the interest ofman the Four Wheel Drive Victoria stand from the about the Victorian Iconic 4WD Adventures andgo for the weekend! keen four wheel drivers. Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria, Nissan 4WD judging cars in the Show n Shine. It was also greatAs Friday morning arrived the wind picked upSaturday came with calmer weather and for goodClub and Wanderin 4 Wheelers, as well as a thank to see club representation from the Amarok Cluband brought showers with it. The club marqueesmeasure. The Show n Shine was held with over 30you to those who manned their own club stand of Victoria, Everest Club of Victoria and Northernoutside were strapped down and almost all of thembeautifully presented cars on display to judge. Noover the weekend and some of our Board members! Ranges 4WD Club taking up the free sites offered bystayed safely secured for the remainder of theeasy feat! A $4000 Dobinsons voucher was up forDont forget to submit those volunteer hours. Next Four Wheel Drive Victoria. With some impressiveshow. The blustery wind pushed the majority ofgrabs for the car judged best in show for each day asyear Four Wheel Drive Victoria will be looking to cars on display from all three clubs, they drew ashowgoers inside, packing the halls full until a lullwell as cash prizes for other categories. Big crowdscontinue this great offer to our clubs and will notify good crowd and hopefully some new members too. hit around 4pm and everyone started going home. were out and about and the show was in full swing.clubs as soon as this is confirmed. In the mean Early Thursday morning we rolled in to bringThe first of three talks by Four Wheel DriveCrowds packed the showgrounds with plenty ofmake sure to keep an eye out for when the dates are in display material and set up before the rain hit.Victoria over the weekend about Victorias 7 4WDinterest around the Four Wheel Drive Victoria standannounced for the 2024 Melbourne National 4x4 Beating majority of the exhibitors to set up it wasIconic Adventures went off without a hitch at thewhich will hopefully result in increase in memberShow and get your club ready to do it all again!14 TRACKWATCH|September 2023 TRACKWATCH|September 2023 15'