b'CLUB SPOTLIGHT MIDWEEK FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB INC. Center spread Frew River Track near Policemans WaterholeMIDWEEK 4WD CLUBthe main thing NEARING ITShas been the T he meeting that ultimatelycommittee and half a dozen peoplevehicles assembled at Anakieaccess by members from all overCamp cooking has always beenopportunity to be out in the 10TH ANNIVERSARY bush, sharing our common interest in four wheel driving BY: GEOFF KENAFACKE with a bunch of part of our camp life firm friends. Over the intervening years,opportunity to be out in the bush, proposed founding thehad indicated a willingness to leadFootball Ground but before weMelbourne and beyond plus thewe have had a steady increase insharing our common interest in club occurred in the hall attrips over the next twelve months.started driving, we conducted aunlimited amount of guaranteedmembership numbers and havefour wheel driving with a bunch of Four Wheel Drive VictoriaThings that were makingbrief Special General Meeting, toparking for members, because weconducted more than 153 events.firm friends. We all have a heap of in Greythorn on Wednesday 28thnews at the time of theadopt the Model Rules as our clubhave access to a locked private carAs well as exploring all aroundmemories of happy times around August 2013, with about 24 peopleclub started included: constitution. We officially becamepark.Victoria, we have enjoyed visitingcountless camp fires.in attendance and apologies wereThe average diesel price inincorporated the next day. By June 2014, we had run avaried locations across the lengthLike anybody reading this, we received from another 6 people. Melbourne was $1.549 per litre,Most of us are retirees but wenumber of Day Trips, our first Highand breadth of Australia, includinghave had to grit our teeth and We sat around in a big circle(having risen from a low of $1.439do have some members who areCountry Touring Trip and someTasmania. endure the restrictions caused with an imitation campfire in theover the previous 12 weeks). still in the workforce. Our meetingsof us had run a Camp Host eventClub volunteers have providedby the big bushfires, occasional middle, while we talked throughWe were just emerging from theare conducted late morning onat Barmah on the banks of themanpower for a number offloods and all the frustrations of all the matters needing to behottest winter since the beginningthe last Wednesday of the month.Murray River as well as providingTrack Clearing trips; we haveCovid 19. We have all experienced addressed and by lunchtime, itof climate recording in Victoria. That way we miss all the schoolvolunteers for Blaze Aid in themanned Camp Host Base Campsall the big fuel price rises and in looked certain that we wouldWe were in the final throes of thezone traffic snarls before, and afterWallan area after a bushfire. in different locations and workedmore recent times, the delays in proceed to launch a club and we2013 Federal Election campaign.our meeting. Visitors are alwaysIn July we set off on the clubsfor Blaze Aid a few times. We haveaccess to new vehicles. No doubt, had decided on calling this newThe Australian Cricket Team waswelcome to attend. first interstate winter excursion,also undertaken ad hoc projectswe will all find a way to deal with organisation the Midweek 4WDin the final stages of losing againstFrom the very beginning, wedriving the entire Binns Trackfor DEECA (DELWP), Fitzroythis and whatever else is thrown Club Inc. England in all games of a 5 matchbegan conducting our monthlyfrom the S.A./N.T. Border, throughPolice, and provided transportat us so that we can continue to We had also determined weAshes Test Match Series. meetings in the Tende beck Scoutto Timber Creek. Before turningfor Bushwalking Victoria Track would become an incorporatedThe first official outing for theHall in Doncaster and we are stillfor home, we spent anotherClearing Volunteers on a couple ofgo four wheel driving with friends body and that we would affiliateclub was a day trip between Anakiemeeting there. Two great thingsweek touring right through whatoccasions. and continue all those happy times with Four Wheel Drive Victoria.and Bacchus Marsh, via Steiglitzabout the venue are the location;was then known as the GregoryThroughout all of the activities,around group campfires.By the end of the meeting, we hadand the Brisbane Ranges and thisadjacent to an off ramp from theNational Park. the main thing has been the volunteers for the nucleus of aoccurred on 18th September. NineEastern Freeway, allowing easy 16 TRACKWATCH|September 2023 TRACKWATCH|September 2023 17'