Why join a club?

Clubs provide an excellent way for singles, families and retirees to enjoy the Victorian bush and the 4wd tracks that our State and beyond has to offer. Clubs are a great way to meet new friends, expand your 4wd knowledge and your horizons.  From social meetings and events, easy to challenging tracks, day trips, weekends to extended weeks away, there will always be something on the Club Calendar to take your interest.  By joining a club affiliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoria you will be helping to promote Tread Lightly principles and 4wdriving as a legitimate recreation with respect for our natural environment and cultural heritage.


What benefits are there to joining a club?

There are many benefits including

  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance
  • Lifelong Friends
  • Teamwork
  • Opportunity to join in volunteer projects
  • Experienced and Trained Trip Leaders
  • Club Driver Training Programs
  • Member Discounts on products and services
  • Member Discounts on training services
  • Extensive vehicle and 4WD track knowledge
  • Reasonable joining and membership fees (incl. Insurance)


What does the Insurance cover?

The Four Wheel Drive Victoria Comprehensive Member’s Insurance Plan is included in club member’s affiliation fees and covers-

  • Combined Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Personal accident insurance,
  • Management liability insurance,
  • Professional indemnity insurance.

Social media groups do not offer any liability insurance so this is an important factor for both trip organizers and participants. Four Wheel Drive Victoria affiliated clubs all have this insurance.


Which club should I join?

Four Wheel Drive Victoria has over 80 different affiliated clubs so there is plenty of choice. There are both vehicle based clubs and location based clubs. It is recommended to contact more than one club and go along to a monthly meeting.  These details can be found under the club’s information and you will be able to get a feel for their membership, activities and benefits.  You are sure to find one you are happy with.  Click on the 4wd Club tab on our website for a comprehensive list.


Do I need training?

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to undergo training before driving on 4WD tracks it is strongly recommended. Training can help to lower the environmental impact you have whilst driving in the bush whilst also significantly increasing your driving ability in the bush. It will also allow you to understand your vehicles capabilities and discover what each button and its function relates to.


Is Four Wheel Drive Victoria a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

Yes Four Wheel Drive Victoria is an RTO (RTO 21605)  We offer training in 4wd and chainsaw to the general public and Corporate and Government sectors as well as our Club members.


What gear do I need?

Whatever the standard of trip you are on, there are some essential basics.  A fully equipped first aid kit, fire extinguisher, a basic rated recovery kit (all within current use by dates) and UHF radio communications as a backup to mobile phone coverage.  Most of all your vehicle needs to be in sound mechanical and road worthy condition including your tyres and spare.


How do I get a club permit?

Vicroads has a guide on obtaining a club permit registration, this can be viewed here


A complete list of clubs that are Approved Vehicle Clubs can be viewed here.  A number of clubs listed are affiliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoria.



How do I get a Mt Skene Permit?

Each affiliated club can apply to the Four Wheel Drive Victoria office to obtain a Mt Skene permit. Permits are only granted to affiliated clubs under strict conditions and are not granted to general members of the public.