b'Monday 08:30 Muster with BlazeAids us busy, working on an 8-acre internal ly 3kms later we caught glimpses ofdaily safety processes put into place, paddock fence for the next few days. the cows. We tried to circle aroundthen a checking of tools and equip- Did I tell you that there are lots of hills, behind the cattle so as to drive themment in the trailer. By the time we very few flat areas?back towards Darrens property. Wewere completing the check Darren Darren was running around keeping couldnt move fast enough so Darrenarrived with a trailer of his own with up with the installation of anchor called it quits, to return later withlots of stuff including a newly made assemblies installing posts and rails, enticement.toilet cubicle constructed around a while we were removing burnt posts, Anyway, back to the boundary fence,shipping pallet. All it needed was a installing star pickets, replacing or we installed 120m of 4 strands ofhole to put it on. After introductions repairing damaged barbed wire, barbed wire fencing that afternoon.Darren put the post hole auger onto re-tensioning and tying the wires to Did I tell you that there are lots of hills,the tractor. Not long after we had a the star pickets.very few flat areas?ready to use drop dunny. Who said Wednesday morning Darren wanted It was about this time we heard thatno facilities? A couple of days later to show me a new job, installing new greater Melbourne was in threat ofDarren bought in a shower cubicle barbed wire on a boundary fence. On lockdown and contemplated how wewith a 12v shower and all it needed the way he noticed that a number of were going to continue the followingwas a BYO bucket of hot water. Keep cattle had done a runner, seeing week. At happy hour that eveningthis up and nobody will want to go tracks through a gap in a fence; the Phillip, Martyn and Geoff B volun-home! thought of repairing the fence teered to stay longer. That madeDarren and Barry put their heads became second priority. Off we organising the following week easier.together and devised a plan to keep walked, following tracks, approximate- The terrain was becoming too steepto tow the BlazeAid trailer around torun wire from and carry tools for work.It was decided Darrens Ute would dothe job. By the end of the week withthis crew we installed an additional400+m of boundary fencing. Did I tellyou that there are lots of hills, very fewflat areas?Sunday morning, we said goodbye toKeith and thanked him for a fantasticeffort.Also Sunday afternoon we said helloto Bruce Smith, Robert Neumann andJohn Green, that gave us a group ofeight to start the week with; fantastic!The rain started quite heavy at times,not a good omen considering howsteep and slippery the ground wasgetting. Although the rain didnt totallystop us working on the fences, it didslow us down. Darren owns an excavator and had itdelivered on site to clear tracks thatwould enable us to access differentparts of the boundary fence line. 8 SEPTEMBER2020 TRACKWATCH'