b'It was originally planned that thebridge would be repaired or replacedin time for summer, however thedevastating fire season of 2019/20,delayed the letting of contracts andthe work being completed.Options for repair or replacementwere discussed by the Parks VictoriaFoothills and Southern Alps team atHeyfield. The most cost effectiveoption was a wooden bridge constructed in the same style as theold bridge. This option would retainthe scenic values of the site andcause the minimum of disruption tothe creek environment. Maffra based company, MacalisterEarthmoving were awarded the contract to remove the old bridge andconstruct the new one. Established in2007, Macalister Earthmoving regularlydo work for Government agencies, Photos by Greg Rose and Wayne Foon.and have considerable experience in one it replaced, totally in character wheel drivers visit each year. Theremote site operations. Sections of the with the area. It doesnt yet have the ability to be able to replace thisbridge were constructed off site and decorative mossy growth on the bridge with a timber construction thattrucked to Shaw Creek. Construction sides, that will come with time. The aesthetically fits well into its surroundsstarted on the 2nd of June and was bridge is beautifully constructed, and will hopefully see many travellers,completed by the Queens Birthday the surrounding area shows no sign of travers it over the coming years.weekend. the work that took place. A credit toWe travelled up, in mid-June, not long the contracted company and Parks Thanks to the Parks Victoria Foothillsafter the bridge had been completed. Victoria.and Southern Alps team for theirOur tyres crunched through the thick assistance in writing this article and tofrost on shady corners of Tamboritha Wayne Foon, Parks Victoria Foothills Wayne Foon for the use of the bridgeRoad. The interior of the Land Cruiser and Southern Alps Team summed up construction photos.was filled with the tempting smell of the bridge work and final result. Greg Rose.pasties heating up in the Travel The delivery of this project and the Four Wheel Drive Victoria RegionalBuddy oven, perfect lunch for a very rebuild of this bridge is satisfying to Representative, Southern Alpinecold day. have been completed to such a high National Park.At Thomastown pools of water in the standard. Thomastown is one of the Land Rover Owners Club ofcreekside rocks had turned to ice. We most iconic locations in the Victorian Gippsland.were very impressed as the new High Country and sees many visitors; Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria.bridge looks almost exactly like the campers, walkers, hunters and four-4SEPTEMBER2020 TRACKWATCH'