b'Intermittent rain persisted, access and Club Spotlightthe ability to run wire was becomingmore difficult. Because of this Darrensaid with a couple of weld on modifi-cations we could run the wires fromthe excavator, so on the Wednesdaywe wouldnt be running any wire whileDarren made the modificationsWednesday morning Martyn andGeoff Bs tenures were over. Again avery big thank you for your great con-tributions. Oh well back to 6 again! Wednesday is now a lay day so wedecided to have a look at theRaymond Creek Falls, I was blownaway, lots of water, very impressive.Back to the farm and do some house-keeping. As you can see by the picture the clean-up around the shedmade our temporary home even morecomfortable. Other than because of Nissan 4WD Clubthe rain why would you want to leave?Although the excavator was relativelyslow it was the workhorse that was lend a hand with Blazeaid needed as it enabled us to constructthe rest of the fences that we finished.Except for one150m section which at Bruthen, East Gippslandwas run by hand, even too steep forthe excavator. Did I tell you that there I have been a member of the Nissan teams working well together andare lots of hills, very few flat areas?As 4wd club for 19 years and spent a lot training backpackers who were keena group of old fts we do a good job. of time on the tracks in Gippsland as to learn and once they did someAll in all, a very full, busy and gratify- the club property is north of Heyfield, became team leaders as well.ing fortnight. Again, the Idlers were so I asked some members to join me Backpackers would offer their time forable to help a farmer in needfol- to help the burnt out farmers in the 88 days which allowed them tolowing a disaster. It makes me feel region. extend their visa for another year, sowarm and fuzzy inside. Oops, I think We soon had a team together and they were very willing workers andthat was aches and twinges from the ready to go with self contained cara- usually young and fit, which is handyphysical work. No, no, no warm and vans and we were welcomed to as some of our work is in very steepfuzzy! Bruthen camp by Linda Jenkins country.There is one unsung assistant that where we were part of a 100 strong We were forced to cut short our stayneeds to be mentioned our Ground group. as the camp was shutting down dueCharlie, Maree Wells. I have never The first part of this report is by to Covid 19,with only those preparedheard of a ground Charlie actually Wanda McLauchlan covering 6 days. to stay for a long period to continue.being used before but the amount of As the Nissan team had commitmentscoordinating that Maree did with Our next visit to Bruthen was March in Melbourne, we elected to returnGraeme Allen the incoming crew and 18th. For 6 days with 10 members home. The camp was reduced to 20departing crews regarding travel helping out at Clifton Creek and people.authorities was a necessity. I know the Tambo Crossing where we cut downboys coming up on Sunday had to 10 Killer trees and cleared around 50 Around 19th May it was possible forpass a roadblock at Longwarry and I on the ground across tracks. We were us to return but only to Buchan aswas checked at Nowa Nowa on my becoming very efficient with club Bruthen was full, so Barb and Russellway home.Over the fortnight we either repairedreplaced or installed 2,655m of fenc-ing in difficult, challenging conditionsand terrain. I am and we should be proud of that!Thanks to all: Geoff PontingTRACKWATCH SEPTEMBER 2020 9'