b'Masterton, Wanda McLauchlan, GaryMoloney, Bev Clark and myself head-ed to Buchan where Graeme Allenmade us welcome before taking us toa remote farm at W Tree about 50km.east.Fred our new host arranged powerand water for the caravans on hisGarlic farm (ONTOS) where we had tobuild 9ft. high deer fences, but therain had other ideas with 16mm thefirst night followed by 22mm the next.During our time waiting for the rain topass we were made welcome in hisB+B with coonara heater and puzzlesto do and books to read.A few days in I had a phone call from organisations. so please consider giving some ofLinda Jenkins at Bruthen who was Each trailer has 2 petrol star picket your time to the farmers who reallydiagnosed with cancer and had to go rammers, 1 petrol auger with 2 differ- need all our help.to Melbourne for treatment.She had ent sized bits, a battery drill, impact A large number of the properties wererun the camp with Julie for 5 months. driver, angle grinder, 2 bolt cutters, 4 a total loss with some insured but notWe had worked well together before wire cutters, 10 twitching tools, 2 enough to cover buildings andand she asked me if I would take over shovels, 2 crow bars, 2 post hole fences, some of which are up to 15kmCo-ordinator for her. Without knowing shovels, 2 wire tensioners, 2 wire in length, others with no insurance atexactly what was required I said yes. spinners, 4 sets of ring lock pliers, a all.Bev and I packed up and headed defib machine, first aid kit, 2 way A large number of farmers are stillback to Bruthen leaving the others to radios for each crew member, 2 petrol living in hay sheds, tents, camperbuild the deer fences when the rain chain saws, 1 battery chain saw, hel- vans and, if lucky the odd caravan.stopped. mets with ear muffs and face guards, We have not seen one new buildingBev immediately started in the kitchen 2 sets of chain saw chaps and a roof started in the last eight months thathelping our chef Damo with the extra rack to transport materials. we have been coming to the region,cleaning and prep work with new With such a small camp of only 20 so where is all the donated moneyCovid 19 rules in place and social people we had 190 farms on the that people have given to help thesedistancing in the dining room while I books in February and now have people.was given a crash course in rosters, around 95 that still need help so I Bev and I have handed over theordering tools and materials, visiting estimate there is at least another 5 Bruthen camp to David Geekie afterand talking to distressed farmers and months work yet to do. If anyone has 59 days on our last camp. Thank youworking out who was next to get our any spare time to give please contact to all the people that we worked withhelp. After 4 days of instruction, Linda one of the many camps of which there to make a difference to those whogave me the company credit card are around 20 in Australia. Anyone need it most.and headed off to Melbourne for who gives their time will have 3 meals Mike Halesurgery. a day, free accommodation and safe- Nissan 4WD Club MelbourneAs luck would have it, I was able to ty gear supplied as well as training,convince Julie Coulton to stay on andhelp with the paperwork involved withsigning up new volunteers, dealingwith the seed allocation enquiries andthe ever changing Covid rules thatseem to change every few days. Iwould not have survived without herhelp.One of the important parts of the jobwas meeting with each farmer andworking out what needed to be doneto restore the fences so they can getanimals back on the farm to makemoney. It is a hard decision as to whogets help first and which crew to sendin as some of the properties are onlysuitable for mountain goats, so ayoung and knowledgeable group isrequired with good 4WD skills to towthe big heavy work trailers aroundwith safety. These trailers havearound $20,000 worth of tools in themwhich have been donated by variousTRACKWATCH SEPTEMBER 2020 11'