b'FFrroommtthheePPrreessiiddeennttThe word unprecedented has been restricted conditions.used a great deal in 2020and for We had anticipatedgood reason. training income may slow in the secondThe year began with many still in the half of this year, but this will help thegrip of long-term drought and then, the budget. Our thanks to the staff forferocity of the bushfires. With so many making this transition to work at home.FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA communities already seriously impacted, We appreciate your resilience.The peak representative body for all the COVID-19 crisis has brought wide- The Four Wheel Drive Victoria Board isVictorian four wheel drivers since 1975 spread business shutdown, unemploy- preparing for our association Annualment and vastly increased levels of General Meeting, with a difference.isolation. We start to get more than a bit Many questions and ideas have beenVictoria Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs Inc.PO Box 292 Mitcham Vic 3132 irritated with the changes to our lives we discussed to find the most appropriatePhone 03 9874 7222 have to endure, yet in the midst of how way of holding this meeting, given theFax 03 9874 7233 things are something else unprecedented COVID-19 restrictions we have to con-Email office@fwdvictoria.org.au and good has happened. Her Majesty sider. It will be a bit different from pastWebsite www.fwdvictoria.org.au Queen Elizabeth II has awarded our years where catching up with familiarABN 40 891 301 368 Australian BlazeAid volunteers with the faces has been part of the meeting. OurASSN A0013539S prestigious Commonwealth Point of very capable Board Secretary, DavidRTO 21605 Light beacon award for outstanding Crainean, has been working awayPrint Post PP 100005076 volunteerism after the Australian 2020 preparing for our meeting to take placeBOARD OF MANAGEMENT Megafire. Rhonda and Kevin Butler, are in the most hassle-free way possible.the founders of BlazeAid, the organisa- We have yet to decide on the date butEXECUTIVE tion which brought together an army of will advise you, by email, as soon as wePresident Colin Oates (Off Peak 4WDClub) volunteers to clear ground and rebuild know. Please keep checking yourVice President Fred de Gooyer (LROCV) fences following devastating bushfires. emails from Four Wheel Drive Victoria.Secretary David Crainean (Pajero 4WD Many volunteers from clubs affiliated There will be communication about ourClub) AGM coming to your club Secretary.Treasurer Doug Mitchell (Off Peak 4WD with Four Wheel Drive Victoria have will-Club) ingly and generously given their time Some of our clubs have been makingand energy to work with BlazeAid. The plans to celebrate significant stages inBOARD MEMBERS selfless difference made to farming the life of their club. A couple I amDavid Roberts (Toyota 4WDClub), Kat families has been part of this volunteer aware of are the Idlers 4WD Club andMarmara-Stewart (MJOC, Gippsland & work. Many days and in some cases the Bendigo Four Wheel Drive Club.Wandering Four Wheelers 4WDClubs),weeks of time have been given by our Idlers were looking to celebrate theirFred Schenck (Werribee District 4WDClub) volunteers to this effort. 25th year, had the plans made all readySTAFF Four Wheel Drive Victoria wishes to to go but regrettably have had to followChief Executive OfficerWayne Hevey thank those of our club members who the COVID-19 requirements and wait for(Just Mates 4WDClub) have played their part in this work for a time down the track. I understandOffice Administrator Alison McLaughlin which the beacon award has been made. Bendigo Four Wheel Drive Club are also(Mansfield Alpine 4WDClub) We may not know each of you by name, making plans to celebrate their 40thAccounts Karl Norman but you and your club can be very year some time around October 2020.Projects & Events OfficerFour Wheel Drive Victoria is always keenTraining Officer Sheila Douglas proud of your volunteer work to help to encourage our clubs to celebratepeople needing assistance to re-estab- milestones as these times are enjoyable,TRACKWATCH lish their lives. Congratulations! Your to recall the fun, good trips and enduringEditor Brian Tanner (Toyota Land Cruiser help is appreciated. friendships made, as club membersClub of Victoria, Geelong FWDC) Our hard-working staff at Four Wheel have together engaged in their chosenEmail editor@fwdvictoria.org.au Drive Victoria are all working from home leisure activity. It is the custom of FourIndividual Contributors at the moment as many of our club Wheel Drive Victoria to make a presen-Brian Tanner, Greg Rose, Mike Hale, Mandy members may be too. Its a whole new tation to clubs on these occasions toPitts, Colin Oates, Geoff Ponting, Jo Ussing ball game with those things which are acknowledge the clubs important mile-Production Brian Tanner just there when youre at work and just stone, the clubs affiliation and our work-not there when youre working at home. ing together through our association.2020 Copy Deadline next issue Wayne, our CEO, is receiving a number Please let the office know if your club is1st November for December 2020 issue of requests to provide training, some of planning such a time, we would love to1st February for March 2021 issue which may need to be delivered during join with you and present to your club a1st May for June 2021 issue the current lockdown. This has added commemorative plaque to celebrate the1st August for September 2021 issue an extra layer of effort to make the occasion. Advertising ceo@fwdvictoria.org.au preparations necessary to operate in Continued page 5.All material appearing in Trackwatch magazine is copyright.Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly forbidden without prior written consent. Freelance contributions and submissions areDesign and Artwork by Brian Tanner welcome by this magazine. No responsibility is accepted for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, etc. The opinions expressedby contributors are not necessarily those of Four Wheel Drive Victoria. All statements made, although based on informationCover pix:Mt Buckland snow trip believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission. Thepublisher reserves the right to omit or alter any article or advertisement. Advertisers agree to indemnify thepublisher for alldamages or liabilities arising from the published material.TRACKWATCH SEPTEMBER 2020 1'