b'about .900m we started to get the history with the gold mining and allsnow on the track. The last little the man made rock walls on the othersection of Pheasant Creek is really side of the river bank. It got reallysteep and being covered with snow cold about 5 oclock so we cookedmade it more interesting, so with the dinner and sat around the fire for thediff lock engaged up we went with night.one little section we had four wheels Mt Bucklandspinning but made it easy. At the top Mondaywe turned right onto Gunns track and We woke to another good morningthe snow became fairly thick and the having breakfast and packing up wedrive was awesome. You come to were off at 9.00am heading alonganother section on Gunns track Cairn Creek track passing morethat has a steep decline which was campsites along the way. The trackslippery then it has an incline thats starts to head straight up, and againsteeper and longer - thank goodness with the valley down to the left, madevehicles had already gone up, we a great drive. After about 20 minutesfound out later it took one vehicle we came out onto Demons Ridgeabout three or four attempts to get track and went left passing through athrough. At the top of Gunns track bit of snow. We made it to High Pointturn right up to the Helipad with a nice with good views to Mt Buffalo and theclimb up there as well. At the top other way to Mt Feathertop: it was afire going and had a great night there was campers who told us they bit windy and cold and we jumpedaround the big fire. made the track up through the snow.back into our vehicles and headedGunns track When you are up on top of Mt back along Demon Ridge track head-Sunday Buckland its a 360 degrees view of ing towards Harrietville. We got toIn the morning when we woke it was the whole High Country. We told the Albion track and turned right thenvery mild not cold at all, the fire was campers who were there to leave the down to West Ovens track where wegoing already stoked by someone fire going as we stayed there for went left. The track now becamewho was up earlier. With breakfast about an hour and a half just taking really easy so just through the riverfinished, we packed up camp and those views in. When it was time to crossing we got out of 4WD and theafter a quick briefing we were on our leave we put the fire out and headed nice drive into Harrietville. Inway up to Mt Buckland. We drove back down along Gunns track again, Harrietville we went through town thenthrough the beautiful Beveridges and at the bottom we turned right turned right to Dredge Hole picnicStation getting to the end of the down Paddys track. This track is fairly area which was a gold dredge backstation and the start of Pheasant easy, its just long and takes about in the day and now is a popular swim-Creek track. We went through the two hours to travel. It finally comes ming hole in the summer months. Weriver crossing which wasnt very deep down back into the valley again onto had a look around, took some photosand started the climb up Pheasant Cairn Creek track. About 1 oclock so and this is where we ended the trip.Creek. Its a really nice drive up with I looked for a place for lunch, seeing I We aired up and headed for homethe valley to the left then we started to knew of some good campsites along with everyone going at their own time.drive through some fairly thick fog here we pulled into a campsite for Participantsand I just thought the view from Mt lunch beside the Cairn Creek with fire Russell. 105 LandCruiserBuckland was going to be terrible. All wood already cut for us and decided Andrew. Tritonof a sudden we started to come out of to stay for the afternoon. We set up Frank and Reg. Nissan Patrolthe fog to beautiful blue skies and camp, got the fire going for the after- David and Angela. Nissan Patrolmountains covered with snow then at noon and did our own thing walking Nathan and Bailey. Nissan Patrolalong the river as there was plenty of16 SEPTEMBER2020 TRACKWATCH'