b' NewsFour Wheel Drive Victoria - Keeping you informed 22-May-20 Mansfield Shire announcement of closure 8-Jul-20 As you are all aware, Stage 3 Restrictionsof the Jamieson / Licola track and advising that FWDV will Stay at Home come into force for six weeks across metro-announce to all, when and if anything changes. politan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire apply from19-Jun-20 BlazeAid seeksinterest from clubs to help 11:59pm, Wednesday 8th July 2020. In view of thesetwo farmers in the Orbost area to rebuild their fences, restrictions and the uncertainty of their easing, we havebadly impacted by the recent bushfires. The two farms are consulted with Mansfield Shire and have regretfully on the Snowy River remote from Orbost, such that the decided to cease the Mt Skene Permit Scheme for 2020.clubs would need to camp on the farms.Link provided for all details.24-Jun-20 Be aware of the new COVID-19 restrictions 24-Aug-20 Advising the opportunity through thethat came into force on 22nd June, 2020 and Victoria is in Victorian Governments Jobs, Precincts and Regions toa declared State of Emergency through to 19th July, 2020. apply for funding for your Club.[Link provided] for full26-Jun-20 Mt Skene permit applications closed. For details on the Lets Stay Connected Fund and the applica-July Permits already approved and issued will be honoured tion process.Applications close on 31st August, 2020.on the condition that driver/ passenger numbers per Should your club choose to apply and be successful,convoy comply with current gathering restrictions of a FWDV would love to hear about the initiatives you will bemaximum of 10 people for outdoor gatherings and social taking.distancing is maintained. Failure to do so jeopardises thefuture of the Mt Skene Permit system. Communications since 16th May Club Spotlight that was a little more challenging. Karldid a bit of minor boulder rearrange-ment, then spotted everyone through.City West 4x4Mount Hicky is just over 800m highand we paused at the top for theTallarook State obligatory pic(s). Meantime a coupleof other cars came up from PhoneTrack. Karl had watched some You-Forest Tube clips on Phone Track and said itwas way worse than Mountain Track.Not one for us today as most of usarent keen on vehicle damage. Weheaded down Hickey Track thenturned left on to Cadel Track to GravelPit Track.At the end of Gravel Pit Track weonce again turned left, this time on toDam Track which loops back round toFlat Rock. About 3/4 of the way along,Karl pulled up to walk the nextsection. He came back reporting allgood and advised the left hand line,straddling the ruts would be best. Hewasnt wrong. At the top of the rutsthere was a decent size boulder thatcould have led to significant damage.We continued up over more rockyAs luck would have it, Karl had picked hate to be pitching a tent here.steps and around the corner.a beautiful sunny day for his first gig Not far from the camp it was time toas Trip Leader. Jamie and I hadnt get into low range as we headed upbeen up around Tallarook before, and Mountain Track. We were off!were looking forward to exploring Mountain Track was a nice way tosomewhere new. We met at Wallan at start. Quite steep up hill with some9am, had a quick briefing and set off gnarly rock steps. Karl kept us allfor Flat Rock campground. informed over the radio, advising ofStopping to air down, it was easy to what lines worked well for him.see how the camp ground got its Larry found the first mud of the dayname. Lots of areas of huge granite, before continuing up the hill. Close tonot boulders but flat to the ground. Id the top of Mt Hickey was a rock stepTRACKWATCH SEPTEMBER 2020 17'