b'INSURANCECAMPING IN COMFORT FROM YOUR 4WDFor some people, the word campingIf you have a 4WD, you are in a great position to go Comfortable Campingis not one they want to hear. Therecamping in comfort. Its not to say you cant camp seems to be a common perceptioncomfortably out of a different style of vehicle, but that in order to go camping you musta 4WD offers the most flexibility in many different rough it, and be uncomfortable. ways.Today, this couldnt be further from the truth; with12V Conveniencepeople regularly camping in comfort all throughoutPerhaps the biggest change in recent years relates to the year. If you have a 4WD, you have everythe power you have access to when camping. With opportunity to camp comfortably. It all comes downa dual battery system, a solar panel and some basic to how you are set up, and how you go about thewiring, you can have a power setup from your 4WD adventure. that will keep you and your family very happy.Whilst you might not have access to every luxuryYoull probably laugh, but theres no reason why you at your fingertips that you would at home, you cancant run a fridge/freezer, phone chargers, laptops, easily have a comfortable camping trip.cameras, ample lighting, water pumps for running water and many other accessories from a basic electrical system in a 4WD.FOUR WHEEL DRIVE INSURANCE4WD Insurance For the experts, by the expertsWith our long association with Four Wheel Drive Victoria we have reason to be proud of the insurance we oer. Our policy delivers specialist features and benets that complement the lifestyle of an adventurous Aussie. Take your journey to the next level. Give us a call or nd our website below to obtain a free no obligation quote today.Get a free quote today 1300 655 8501300 655 8504wd@anityib.com.au anityib.com.auThis product is issued by One Underwriting Pty Ltd. ABN 50 006 767 540 AFSL 236653 and distributed by A\x1fnity Risk Partners (Brokers) Pty Ltd trading as A\x1fnity Insurance Brokers ABN 15 091 944 580 Licence No. 1288354.It is subject to underwriting acceptance criteria. This is a summary of the bene\x1ets available. Conditions apply. To decide if it is right for you please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy before you make a decision. If you purchase this insurance, A\x1fnity will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium.TRACKWATCH|June 2023 29'