b'John and Prue were a good choice toask as they are experienced four wheeldrivers as well as members of threedifferent large 4WD clubs (Land RoverClub of Victoria (LROCV), The Pajero4WD Club, and the Range Rover Clubof Victoria). They were also, and stillremain, the FWDV RegionalRepresentatives for Far East Gippsland.That first year, John and Prue organiseda small group of willing volunteers whocamped on Wings property nearBonang.In contrast, from that smallstart fifteen years ago, this years trackclearing event in the same areaattracted some 48 participants, 37 vehicles and 5 Park Rangers!TrackClearing has now become the 3rdlongest running event in the history of Over the years since 2004 a few thingsthe LROCV (after the 4WD Show and have changed.For example, the jobthe now completed involvement with the safety briefings have become moreMurray River Marathon). detailed and the requirement for chain-Playing a significant role for many years saw operators to be properly trainedin the organisation of the weekend is and equipped with protective gear wasTony Jambu, club mademember of the mandatory.Pajero 4WD Club. The numberSo important has of Nationalthis activity Parks wherebecome that some track clearingyears three occurs hasgenerations from grown fromone family have just theparticipated and Snowy River years of a well-organised partnershipsome club National Park among PV, FWDV, club volunteers andmembers only to now the local community in the annual trackmaintain their include the clearing that is so beneficial for themembership so Alpine entire 4WD community.that they can National Park,participate in track the Errinundraclearing. National ParkCritical to the and this yearsuccess of the theannual track clear- Croajingalonging has been the National Park.support from the Now mostArea Chief people campRanger, Dave Burton and the other at MacKillops Bridge campsite on therangers who work the area as well as, Saturday night as Wings property is nomore recently,the Tubbut community longer available. Otherwise, the job itselfwho have prepared a PV sponsored has essentially remained the same.meal each year on the Saturday night or And, despite a few wet years whereSunday brunch for the volunteers.As track clearing was slower than normal, itwell as clearing tracks, the activity has a has only been postponed once whennumber of other benefits. Volunteers sleet and snow forced all volunteers outenjoy working with PV Rangers as they of the mountains. That weekend wasshare their knowledge of the area and it rescheduled a month later and the clubalso exposes members of various clubs volunteers returned, willingly making theto some of the most beautiful and 1,000km round trip to Melbourne.remote parts of Victoria they might not When asked about the future of tracknormally visit.John and Prue also liaise clearing, John and Prue said thatwith the local community and provide despite their active involvement infeedback on track conditions and the leading club trips, sharing the bush withprevalence and identification of various club members and their involvement inplant species, such as rare orchids to FWDV Regional Representatives, theyParks Victoria.The hours spent by are committed to arranging the annualvolunteers are also reported to FWDV to track clearing in Far East Gippslandassist them in meeting Government KPIs with Tony Jambu for as long as PVand obtain some funding for the FWDV require assistance.With that in mind,operation. we can look forward to many moreTRACKWATCH DECEMBER 2019 9'