b' News 4WD volunteeMassive turnout for FWDVAnnual General Meeting This story began in the little countrysidecommunity of Chikumbe in Zambia. Thiscommunity has approximately 300families, however. It is inhabited mostlyby women and children. The vastmajority of menfolk from the communityhave left and gone off to seek work inthe city and unfortunately, they havelargely deserted their families.Chikumbe doesnt have any commerceor industry and the inhabitants largelysurvive by subsistence farming, thatbeing maize and sunflower.A former member of the community,Hilda Loongo Nyemba later came to livein Melbourne. It is here, while under-going a life-threatening medical crisis ofher own, that she is befriended byanother patient, Heather, undergoingsimilar treatment and a deep bond offriendship was formed between the twoand two other women in their ward.They regularly meet in hospital duringtreatment, and it is reported that a lot ofmirth and merriment ensues wheneverMonday evening on 11th November saw FWDV CEO Wayne Hevey presents a they come together. They have a lot ofa large number of members and UHFhandheld, donated by Icom time at their disposal, so naturally, lifedelegates turn out for the Annual Australia to Michael Dale and Edith stories are shared as well as encourag-General Meeting with over 80 people Fullalove from the Off-Road and ing each other to live positively.filling the Springbank room at the Camping Club of Victoria. Along the journey, despite their ownManningham Club in Bulleen. It was personal circumstances, theygreat to see many of our newer clubs recognised other people also have theirrepresented for the first time as well as share of problems. The ladies have hadthe regular attendees. More chairs had the good fortune of wonderful treatmentto be found to cater for the larger than and they are able to return home forexpected crowd.considerable periods of time, enjoyOne of our esteemed sponsors, Icom normal life and even travel. Heather andAustralia donated a UHF Handheld her husband Peter, are members of aradio as a door prize as well as a cap 4WD Club and this is where Four Wheeland bag to be given away. Each club Drive Victoriavolunteering begins tothat attended had one entry into the take on a little bit of international flavour.draw and the prize was won by the Off- Gooyer from LROCV was newly elected The lady from the little village in ZambiaRoad and Camping Club of Victoria. and Dave Roberts from Toyota 4WD told her friend how she would like to doThe prize was presented by FWDV CEO Club was re-elected to the board both something for the people of her homeWayne Hevey and received by Michael as ordinary members.village. Dale and Edith Fullalove (in photo) andwill be taken back to their club to be The board now consists of Michaelraffled at a club event. Martin President, Colin Oates ViceA presentation from Peter Wright from President, David Crainean Secretary,the Midweek 4WD club was given about Doug Mitchell Treasurer, Kat Mamara-a unique charitable program that the Stewart, David Roberts and Fred Declub has been working on to send a Gooyer, ordinary members.fully restored Massy Fergusson GreyTractor, plough, equipment and sparesas well as a trainer to a needycommunity in Zambia. The next stage ofthe program is to raise funds to ship thetractor to Zambia. There is a detailedarticle about this in this edition ofTrackwatch. Please contact the FWDVoffice if you have any ideas on how wecan help this project to be completed.The usual formalities were completedand a new board member, Fred De Peter, Hilda & Heather4 DECEMBER2019 TRACKWATCH'