b'FromFromthethePr esidentPresidentThe Association has by all measures In return the Clubshad a successful and constructive year.and their membersFinancially we are in a strong position, do volunteering workk deliveringdelivering aand this is due to the diligence and number of very successful programmes.governance of the board as a whole. Consequently the Association receivesOn that note I would also like to thank funding from the Government aroundFOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA Doug Mitchell for volunteering to join the the delivery of KPIs, which again haveThe peak representative body for all\x01 board as our new treasurer. As an been achieved.Victorian four wheel drivers since 1975 experienced accountant Doug brings a The other key focus for the Associationwealth of knowledge which will be an has been as a member of the MinisterialVictoria Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs Inc.\x01 asset for the Association. He replaces Advisory Committee. This has also seenPO Box 292 Mitcham Vic 3132 Garry Doyle who resigned some months the Association invited to be a part ofPhone03 9874 7222 ago to get more involved with the the VEAC review. With a Strategic PlanFax03 9874 7233 National Association. spanning the next four years, theEmailoffice@fwdvictoria.org.au Thefinancial position of the Association Government has allocated $10.5mWebsitewww.fwdvictoria.org.au is also a reflection of the growing funding, to support park access andABN 40 891 301 368 revenue contribution the RTO is making use. The Association is working closelyASSN A0013539S to the Association, particularly from with the Land Managers in order toRTO 21605 deliver the outcomes identified, whichPrint Post PP 100005076 commercial entities. The Board made a will to be supported by Marketdecision a couple of years ago to invest Research due to be completed shortly. BOARD OF MANAGEMENT in the RTO with an external review of itscompliance and training delivery, and In summary I would like to thank not justEXECUTIVE hassince employed a part time the members of the Board for theirPresidentMichael Martin (Toyota Land\x03 Training Manager. Thanks to the work contribution to the Association, but alsoCruiser Club of Australia- Victoria Branch)\x03 undertaken by our Training Manager, our CEO Wayne Hevey and his staff forVice PresidentColin Oates\x03(Off Peak\x03 we now have an RTO which is their support and commitment. 4WDClub) compliant in its training delivery, hasSecretaryDavid Crainean (Pajero 4WD\x03 And finally our Clubs and their MembersClub) automated its on line training who are the Association. Without theirTreasurerDoug Mitchell\x03(2II\x033HDN 4WDC) registration process for students, has a support there would be no Association.pool of qualified trainers to call on who Thank you.BOARD MEMBERS are paid as professionals, and isDavid Roberts\x03(Toyota 4WDClub), Kat\x03 planning on expanding its trainingMarmara-Stewart (MJOC, Gippsland &\x03 offering.Michael J. Martin,Wandering Four Wheelers 4WDClubs),PresidentFred De Gooyer (LROC). The Association exists because of itsSTAFF members Clubs and has done so forsome 40 years. With around90Chief Executive OfficerWayne Hevey\x03 Member Clubs the Association, which(Just Mates 4WDClub) continues to grow,provides not justOffice Administrator Alison McLaughlin\x03 representation to government on four(Mansfield Alpine 4WDClub) wheel driving, but club training,Acco unts Karl Norman governance support, and track andProjects & Events Officer Ian Fletcher\x03 access advice. (Melbourne Jeep Owners Club)Training OfficerSheila DouglasTRACKWATCH Wishing you all a Edito r Brian Tanner\x03(Toyota Land Cruiser\x03Club of Victoria, Geelong FWDC) Happy and Safe Christmas breakEmail editor@fwdvictoria.org.auIndividual ContributorsBrian Tanner, Ian Fletcher, Greg Rose, Alison\x03 NOTETOCONTRIBUTORSMcLaughlin, Rob Sharp, James Lawson,\x03 Thank you to those members/Clubs that submitted articles for this issue ofDavid Clay (Parks Victoria), Graeme Mitchell Trackwatch. Unfortunately not all could be fitted in, so some reports have been heldProductionBrian Tanner over until next issue.Regards2018 Copy Deadline next issue Brian Tanner, Editor1st February for March 2020 issue1st May for June 2020 issue1st August for September 2020 issue1st November for December 2020 issue All material appearing in Trackwatch magazine is copyright.Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly forbidden without prior written consent. 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