b"TRAINING COURSES 2020BOOK ONLINEBOOKOpen to all club members, the general public and corporate organisations.Browse courses online at www.fwdvictoria.org.au and call the office to book on (03) 9874 7222PROFICIENCY COURSESTuesday 28th January - PC200201 - Theory Training Course Refund PolicySituations occur where for various reasons courses are cancelled by Four Wheel DriveSaturday 1st February - PC200201 - Practical Victoria (FWDV) or students need to cancel.Below describes the refund policy that isapplicable.Tuesday 17th March - PC200321 - Theory Fee refunds:If students are unable to attend the course that they are registered for, thefollowing refund fees below apply: 30 days prior - less 10% of course cost;29 days15 days - less 25% of course cost;14 days to 8 days - less 50% of course cost;7 days prior - no refund allowedSaturday 21st March - PC200321 - Practical Refund applications must be made in writing to FWDV.FWDV agree that they will allow for one transfer in a 12 month period to another course dateTuesday 28th April - PC200502 - Theory without penalty, with a minimum of 8 days notice, (see below).Transfer to other courses:Students can transfer to any other course up to 8 working daysprior to commencement at no cost. Students transferring to another course 7 working daysSaturday 2nd May - PC200502 - Practical or less prior to commencement will be required to pay a transfer fee of $50Course Cancellations:FWDV will make a full refund of all fees paid should a course be discontinued. FWDV reserves the right to cancel a course if a minimum number ofTuesday 16th June - PC200620 - Theory participants are not achieved or for Occupational Health and Safety reasons. Should thestudents desire to take an alternative course with FWDV, fees will be fully transferrable toSaturday 20th June - PC200620 - Practical that course, for one transfer ina 12 month period. In the event of a course for which thestudent was enrolled being unavailable or no acceptable alternative course is available,Tuesday 14th July - PC200718 - Theory fees are fully refundable.Saturday 18th July - PC200718 - PracticalTuesday 11th August - PC200815 - Theory FOR ALL BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIESPHONE (03) 9874 7222 Saturday15th August - PC200815 - Practical or email: training@fwdvictoria.org.auTuesday 8th September - PC200912 - TheorySaturday 12th September - PC200921Practical :=H\x03CIH\x03MCIF\x03(K8\x03K=H\x03I;9\x03Friday 16th October - PC201017 - Theory G5J=B;G\x03CB@M\x035H\x03H9\x03F98G98\x15Saturday 17th October - PC201017 - PracticalHusqvarna 236e CHAINSAWTuesday 10th November - PC201114 - Theory T his 38cc chainsaw comes with 14inch Saturday 14th November - PC201114 - Practical \x0b\x16\x18FP\x0c\x03EDU\x11\x03,W\x03LV\x03 ILWWHG\x03ZLWK\x03\x16\x12\x1b\x03ORZ\x03SURILOH\x03.050 safeWyTuesday 1st December - PC201205 - Theorychain.Saturday 5th December - PC201205 - PracticalTraining Bookings Go Online Husqvarna 236e ONL $&+(a 236e ONLY $Y &+(Four Wheel Drive Victoria have recently updated the booking system for RRP $ 399SAVE $1&)our training courses and they can now be booked entirely online. Being a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 21605), allbookings *5($7\x03 HONDA EU22i GENERATORcan now be done via our website link. Both accredited and non-accred- %8ited courses can now be booked online and online payments will alsosoon be available.Australias No. 1 CAMPING Four Wheel Drive Victoria offer non-accredited Proficiency 4WD training GENERATOR\x03and a range ofAccredited 4WD and Chainsaw Courses. Check out all %8\x0312:\x0f\x036$9(\x03\x03\x07\x17\x13\x13\x03\x03the details at fwdvictoria.org.au/trainingon Hondas EU22i Generator!Latest Accredited FWD TrainingFWDV is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 21605) and our Honda EU22i ONLY $\x14\x19\x1c\x1ctraining program includes a range of nationally accredited courses forthose needing a formal qualification to meet employer requirements SAVE\x07\x17\x13\x13etc. The accredited courses are longer and include formal assessmentof participants in order to ensure their skill and knowledge are to the Only Available while STOCKS LAST!standard required by the qualification.Once you have been assessed 7R\x03FODLP\x03WKHVH\x0363(&,$/\x032))(56\x03\x039LVLW\x03as satisfactory, you will receive a nationally accredited Statement of RQH\x03RI\x03RXU\x03\x19\x03*5($7\x03/2&$7,216\x1d\x03Attainment for the units you have undertaken. The program consists of 'DQGHQRQJ\x03\x10\x030LWFKDP\x03\x10\x03%XQ\\LS\x03\x03\x03the following units - FWPCOT3259 Operate a four wheel drive onunsealed roads, FWPCOT3260 Recover 4WD vehicle and %D\\VZDWHU\x03\x10\x03&UDQERXUQH\x03\x10\x033DNHQKDPwww.theredshed.com.auFWPFMG3215 Perform complex 4x4 operations. More details and online booking is available on our website www.fwd- Call 1300 136 572 victoria.org.auTRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201911"