b'He explained that most of the wild dogs headed back down the Oodnadattaare poisoned and camels do a lot of Track to Warrina Creek.We parked offdamage to the fence.He had shot 3 the track near the bridge and went for acamels that morning. closer look at the old bridge where thereLocated a few kilometres through the were only a few sleepers remaining ingate, Childara Rock Hole is a very the middle of the bridge.impressive site.It consists of a section Time to head off to our campsite.Oneof low lying granite rock which has had small problem, Alan was bogged in thea low height rock wall built around it. very soft sand and could not get out.IThis wall directs the water runoff into a backed my car and van around tolarger rock-lined drain and then into a snatch him out, but no go, I too gotlarge stone tank.Any overflow goes bogged.into a dam. Returning to camp was Dual recovery was planned.Alan start-uneventful except for the corrugations. ed clearing sand away so he could useWednesday we packed up and headed two sets of Maxtraxs, and I unhookedto Mt Finke for the night.Most of the the van, let the tyres down and movedsand hills were easy to drive with some my car around ready to snatch Alan outbad ruts and large holes.A few kilome- top and ground to a halt only a couple if needed.Fortunately he was able totres before the Mt Finke turnoff the rain of metres from the top. Recovery drive out.Next my turn.I cleared sandand wind started and was coming down number 2. away and filled holes then placed twoat a 45 degree anglenot looking sets of Maxtraxs where my wheels weregood.Reaching the campsite the rain The sand was very soft, so we cleared to go and backed up and hooked upwas still coming down so Ian and Anne the sand away from the wheels and the van.I then placed the third set ofdecided to take the safer option and placed a Maxtrax under each wheel and Maxtrax between the front and rearcontinue on to Kingoonya for the night. hooked up Alans long recovery strap wheels and drove out.Finally on ourThey had already planned to leave and and I was soon out.There was no need way, but our dramas were not over yet.travel back to Adelaide the next day, so to put Maxtraxs under the van wheels as Abou7t a kilometre down the track mythey had a head start. they were sitting on top of the sand back window shattered.We travelled aWe set up camp in the rain with the because the pressures were only 20 short way down the track and decidedground becoming muddy and the night psi.There were still a few more sand to stop at Beresford Siding for the night.looking like a very wet one.We were hills to come so I wrapped the recovery With camp set up it was time tolistening to Ian and Annes progress gear around the nudge bar for easy temporarily repair the window.Forover the radio, they seemed to be doing access if required.The rest of the sand many years I have been carrying a rollOK, but reception became weaker as hills were no problem and we were soon of so-called super tape with me. Timethey were getting out of range.They over the Rail Line headed to Kingoonya. to put it to the test.later sent a text message via the Sat On our way we stopped at the Tarcoola I applied it to both the outside andphone saying they had made it to the Gold Mine for lunch and had a good inside of the window and it managed torail line and advised that there were a look around.While we were there I hold together until I got back home.few hard dunes ahead. found some railway spikes from the old Must find another roll before the nextThe rain clouds began to clear but the gold mine rail siding.All the tracks and trip.wind was still blowing.We decided to sleepers had been removed but the Sunday we headed off to Maree forwalk up Mt Finke and came across ballast was still there.We had a short lunch then on to Farina to camp theanother campsite further up the track. stop at Tarcoola railway station now left night.Unfortunately we did not make it to the to the elements, the only sign of life is a We arrived early afternoon and had timetop as the drizzle started forcing us to site camp for the mine operations. to have a good look around.This is onehead back to camp. At Kingooyna we set up camp in the of my favourite campgrounds with hotThe weather was now clearing and the campground behind the pub.This is a showers and good toilets and is quiet inwind had dropped so we lit the fire.The ripper place to stay, out of the wind and the off season.ground was drying out and the night dust with lovely toilets and a shower Monday we headed off to Peterboroughwas looking better. block.Powered sites $15/night, non- stopping at Hawker for morning tea andThursday morning another cold start for power $10/night.After we set up we a walk around.At Peterborough wethe day, but as the sun rose so did the went to the pub for a drink and a chat. went to the Sound and Light show,temperature for another lovely day.We Later we went back to the pub for tea, which is highly recommended.headed out of camp past the second which was very busy and we wonderedcampsite and came to a third.We wish where all the people came from. Tuesday Alan and Betty had selectedwe had known this as this site was more Friday we headed north to Coober Pedy that nights campsiteParunalocatedprotected from the wind.We continued which was easy going with us arriving at north of Pinnaroo.This is anotheron, crossing the salt pan and on to the lunchtime.We had plenty of time to re- excellent site with good showers andlast of the dunes.Our experience of the stock and do some domestic chores toilets and very quiet.last few days made easy work of most before heading down the Oodnadatta Wednesday we headed off to Pinnarooof the sand hills that is until we came Track the next day. for morning tea at the bakery then timeacross a large, rutted, dry sand dune Saturday we headed off to William to say goodbye to Alan and Betty.Theythat Ian had warned us of, so it was Creek and headed to the pub to have a were heading south to check out theAlan and Betty first and they managed look around and a drink at the bar.The sites for Alans wildflower trip and weto get over.Next it was me; low range 3 pub has changed since we were there were heading east to Swan Hill, Echucaand a good run up, started losing last, a little bit more upmarket.The and then home.momentum, a quick change to 2 low dining area was busy with guests from aonly 10 metres from the top still, going tour bus and other travellers.We Graeme Mitchell. strong, hit the soft, dry sand near the elected to have lunch outside under the Trip Leader, Jackaroo 4WD Clubtrees and watch the world go by.WeTRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201927'