b' 4x4 DestinationSafety One large and steep dune did stop usFord has raised the bar offering in 2019 on first approach, but with 3rd Lowyear Ranger models with a suite of selected, the Ranger never felt likesafety equipment. There are 6-airbagsfailing as the strong pulling powerfront and side, full length curtain airbag, rocketed the vehicle up.cruise control with adjustable speed The 6-speed shifter is easy to use andlimiter, DSC incorporating ABS, load 4x4, Low and High ranges are easilyadaptive control, roll-over mitigation, and quickly selected with a rotary dial. Trip Leader.traction control and trailer sway control For four wheeling, traction control is also Gayle & Graeme Prado and standard across all Ranger models. easily disengaged with the push of a Mitchell, T-VanAdditional new safety feature is AEB button. A handy device for sand driving(autonomous emergency braking), with was the standard tyre pressure Anne and Ian BlaineyFord Rangervehicle detection and pedestrian detec- monitoringthat kept us informed of Betty and Alan Dash Nissan Navaration available. Also available on the XLT current tyre pressures. There is also ais a lane keeping aid, and lane depar- locking rear diff. We travelled our separate ways with theture warning, adaptive cruisecontrol Replace the dual purpose tyres with intent to meet up at Ceduna onwith forward collision warning and dedicated off road rubber, and maybe Saturday where we were to stay twoactive park assist is available. (but not essential) a small lift-kit and the nights giving us time to restock andDoors open wide, with handy storage Ranger would be virtually unstoppable have a look around.Gayle and I werebins, while the rear seat is no after- off road. staying at a caravan park and the othersthought, comfortably accommodating Value. were in a motel.three adults. The rear seat folds up flush At the time of writing Ford was offering Sunday morning we went shopping thento reveal a flat floor, where in our case a an automatic XLT dual cab for below we met up with the others and decidedWaeco fridge easily fitted. $55,000, which for a mid-spec utility is to go for a drive to Laura Bay south ofThe cargo area was fitted with Fords great value. Ford are a little skimpy on Ceduna.This is an easy drive withtray liner and sports bar. The tailgate only providing a drivers foot-mat, but some lovely views of the shoreline.Onnow has an easy-lift mechanism. the XLTthe largest selling modelthe way we came across three stumpy4x4 Driving offered a well appointed cabin, strong tail lizards, a sign the weather wasHaving previously challenged the safety credentials, and plenty of warming up.At Laura Bay we saw anRanger on the rough tracks of the features. old rock tank that had been restored.Itnorthern Flinders ranges, this trip was As a 4x4 it is among the best, with was located at the bottom of a hill andalong the variable beaches and coastal excellent gearing for High range or Low the water runoff was diverted into twoparks south from Robe SA. For many lugging four wheeling. The cargo area is stone gutters running around either sidefour wheel drivers sand driving can be generous and the 3500kg towing of the hill, and channelling the water intoparticularly hazardous, and to tackle capacity is a bonus. Throw in the latest the tank.some of the softest beaches in safety upgrades and the Ranger Sunday night we were booked into theAustralia, along with adventurous dunes undoubtedly has to be a serious pub for a meal, very good value threein a stock standard Ranger could be contender for anyone seeking a courses for $25 and a lovely place toconsidered a folly! Not so in the Ranger. lifestyle/working 4x4 utility. watch the sun go down over the bay.While correct tyre pressure and driver Brian Tanner We arranged to meet at the bakery theknowledge are a large part of the equa- Editor next morning and then go and pick uption, the ability of the vehicle completes the camp permits.This proved interest-the package. The 5 cylinder engine ing.responds quickly, with brisk accelera- I had phoned a few weeks prior to maketion, even having to move through man- enquiries and was told camping permitsual gears. The Rangers torque is were $5 per night, per person, andimpressive, and fully comes on tap at there would be no problem to just dropjust 1500rpm. Despite moderate ground in and pick them up at the office inclearance for four wheeling, our Ranger Ceduna.Arriving at 9:30am to pick upwas never stopped. It was happy in the permits, we were told they knew High range moving from 2nd and 3rd.24 DECEMBER2019 TRACKWATCH'