b' Club SpotlightThree days of volunteer workin The Alpine National ParkMemberss ofof thethe LandLand RoverRover OwnersOwners Parks Victoria the firstfirst loadload ofof fencefence postsposts began.began. Parks Victoria ActingActing RangerRanger TeamTeam theGi l d spentt threeth d i L d H fi ld Our key tasks for the first day were toClub of Gippslanddays, in Leader Heyfield, mett us att Licola.Li lmid-November, working at sites on Kelly Waynes Parks 79 series Land Cruiser place bollards around the hut site andLane with Parks Victoria.was towing a trailer with a Dingo digger to repair some flashing on the hut itself.Kelly Lane, in the Alpine National Park and auger attachments. A welcome site Over the three days our club membersnorth of Licola, runs off Tamboritha for club members after years of digging put in forty-eight bollards and fenceRoad, following Shaw Creek, heading holes for bollards, picnic table sets and posts, made repairs to the hut, removednorth and joining Howitt Road. Along the fence posts with nothing more sophisti- some old wire fencing and cleared treestrack there are several campsites and cated than shovels and crow bars. from Scrubby Creek Track. Wayne Foontwo historic huts; Kelly Hut and One of the problems for volunteers and instructed club members in the use ofMcMichaels Hut.Rangers working in the Alpine National the Dingo digger, an added bonus toOur club volunteers first assisted Parks Park is the time it takes to get materials the trip.Victoria with a clean-up of the huts in and personnel on site. It was nearlyNovember 2012. On that first occasion it midday before we entered the northernwas just three members working with end of Kelly Lane, through the lockedMike Dower from Parks Victoria. One of Seasonal Closure gate, off Howitt Road.the features of our club is the long and The wooden bridge over Shaw Creek atclose partnership we have with the Thomastown on the southern end of theParks Victoria Foothills and Southern track had been declared unsafe by anAlps Team. engineer. The bridge will be repairedThis time, our small group of nine over the next few months. On site atvolunteers in six vehicles, met at the McMichaels Hut, after initial safetyHeyfield DELWP/PV work centre on the briefings and a quick lunch, unloadingmorning of Monday the 18th. We werelooking forward to the three days andthe weather forecast was excellent forthe work we had planned. Two trailerswere to be towed by club membersvehicles. One of the trailers was thenewly completed volunteer trailer. Itwas great to see our club logo proudlydisplayed on the trailer along with otherParks Victoria volunteer partners for theFoothills and Southern Alps Team. Thevolunteer trailer carried fencing tools,hand tools, power tools, gloves, hi-visvests, safety glasses and other bits andpieces we would need. The secondtrailer carried thirty long fence posts. Asecond load of fence posts would becollected on the Tuesday. Our group travelled to Licola for theessential coffee stop. Wayne Foon,18 DECEMBER2019 TRACKWATCH'