b'remnants of the bushfires. Theyve also takes longer for plants and animals tobeen installing cameras to record the recover and return to the park.presence of native animalsan activity The theft of eleven temporary gatesthat forms part of the Caught on Camera used to block access to protect areasProject. Caught on Camera Projects are recovering has further delayed thecommunity based monitoring to assist parks rehabilitation. with determining local fauna numbers in Re-opened driving experiences thatareas recovering from bushfires.wont impact on recoveryFour Wheel Drive Victoria have been Due to the efforts of Parks Victoria staffinvaluable in their assistance with and volunteers, a number of tracks incoordinating activities between several Bunyip State Park have been recentlyaffiliated clubs which resulted in a great opened for visitor access including: uptake in volunteering. In addition toWestern Trackclearing out over two trailer loads of wireand fencing lines left exposed by theGentle Annie Trackfires and other aforementionedQuartz Creek Roadactivities, these groups have alsoBullock Link Trackhelped remove several dumped carsand related refuse. Rocky TrackAll the work by these volunteers isRobertson Creek Trackcontributing to a speedier reopening of There is still a lot of work to be doneand conducting audits of all park assets Bunyip State Park and have been an before areas of the park are safe,impacted by the fires. Parks Victoria is invaluable asset to recovery teams. It is sufficiently recovered and ready to bealso making efforts to control pest very heartening to see so many in the reopened, but there are thousands ofanimals (foxes, cats, wild dogs) and local community are so passionate kilometres of designated trackspest plants.about the park, and the dedication and available for riding and driving aroundenthusiasm volunteers brought to their Victoria. A partnership approach work was both inspiring and very much More tracks are soon to be re-openedAll of this work would not be possible appreciated by Parks Victoria staff.for four-wheel driving in Bunyip Statewithout the tireless aid of local The road less travelled hindering Park, but some areas remain closed tocommunity groups over this winter. efforts ensure visitor safety, protect threatenedBushwalking Victoria, Four Wheel Drive It is disappointing volunteering efforts plant and animal species, enable theVictoria, the Victorian National Parks are being undermined by actions of park to recover and for rehabilitationAssociation, Friends of Bunyip State those choosing to enter the park works to take place. Respecting thesePark, Friends of Kurth Kiln, Friends of illegally. Parks Victoria Rangers have closures will speed up the recoveryHoddles Creek and Equine Friends of observed evidence of illegal off-road process and enable the park to openthe Forest have contributed more than driving and motorbike riding which is sooner, once again providing opportuni-150 volunteer days during often damaging vegetation before it has the ties to get away from it all and beseriously inhospitable conditions, chance to regenerate and is causing immersed in nature. Parks Victoria asksincluding rain, hail, strong winds, erosion and silt runoff into streams. that visitors respect where theyrethunder and very nearly snow! While this may seem like a relatively permitted to ride or drive and considerNonetheless, the variable conditions harmless activity. The park environment their impact on the environment.have not stopped volunteers from doing is still very raw and unstable with some Thanks to a huge amount of work in the park. areas being very slow to regenerate David Clay Trailer loads of damaged wire and after the fires. Illegal visitor access Parks Victoria for this informativefencing have been removed, along with results in stress to these already articlefallen trees and branches and other damaged environments, meaning it Club SpotlightShow time!The Wanderin 4 Wheelers Club recently attended the Darche Show with theFWDVmarquee and stand, making quite an impactTRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201917'