b' Club Spotlight\x06\x05\x07\x08\x08\x01\x02\x04\x03Track Clearing WeekendThe general plan, as for Wangaratta 4WD Club\'s track clearing This year we were fortunate as the fallenweekend commenced as usual with a timber wasn\'t as extensive as in 2018;previous years, was to clear quick coffee at the Whitty Cafe in however there was still enough to keepthe routes around Wabonga Whitfield on Saturday morning, before us all occupied. Having a good numberour briefing by Chris Clarke, Ranger in each team meant that the work wasn\'tPlateau and Mt Cobbler Team Leader at the PV Whitfield depot. too onerous, although I think the A Teamand down to the King River, The general plan, as for previous years, on the Cobbler route possibly had it awas to clear the routes around little easier than the B Team on Burntwhere we would meet up Wabonga Plateau and Mt Cobbler and Top, from all accounts! The King Basindown to the King River, where we would Road was a little tricky in one or twowith a team from the meet up with a team from the Mansfield river crossings and near Pineapple Flat,Mansfield 4WD Club 4WD Club working with Rangers Fleur where some work was being done byand Billie from PV\'s Mansfield depot. PV and DELWP and the soft fresh sur-working with Rangers Because we had 8 members this year, face needed more time to dry and com-Fleur and Billie from PV\'s we broke up into two teams. One, (the pact. Luckily track opening isn\'t for a"A Team" with me) would tackle couple of weeks.Mansfield depot. McMillans Track (a new one for us as it All teams from the two clubs met up lateis an MVO track) before heading up afternoon at the King River Hut andtowards Mt Cobbler via Basin Track and enjoyed a very convivial evening.Lake Cobbler Road, where we would Manfred put his culinary skills to goodclean up along Little Cobbler Track, use with the bbq provided by PV, forthen head down Speculation Road to which we were all most appreciative.the King River hut for our overnight Rain showers during the evening didn\'tcamp. The other team with Graham dampen the spirits of the group; fortu-headed along Long Spur and Burnt Top nately the tyre which needed changingTracks towards Pineapple Flat on the courtesy of the last river crossing forKing River and thence to King River Hut Nev was swapped over before anyonevia King Basin Road. got too wet!12 DECEMBER2019 TRACKWATCH'