b'Its always good to increase our skill set.Some of the more enthusiastic membersof the club worked hard smashing theirway through rock that the Dingo dig-gers auger refused to tackle. The remote location brings somechallenges. Careful planning ensuresthat everything we need is with us. Its along way to Bunnings if youve forgottenthe roofing nails. Medical help is a longway off too.We have First Aid trained members onthe trips. The club has its own defibrilla-tor, snake bite kit, First Aid kits, etc. Twoclub members had satellite phones toaugment the communication providedby the Parks trunk radio.Often on our working events with ParksVictoria we camp out. This time we hadthe luxury of being able to stay atSurveyors Creek work camp. Hotshowers went some way to soothing thetired muscles at the end of each day.We shared the night-time catering withWayne Foon cooking a spaghettibanquet on Monday night and the clubputting on an excellent bar-b-que on theTuesday evening. We had so much foodleft; meat, salads, bread, pickles, sauce,etc. that Wednesdays lunch was apicnic of leftovers under the shade ofthe big peppercorn tree in Licola.All tasks and clean-up were finished onWednesday morning. On the way outthe club members were able to unlockScrubby Hill Track gate and do a check to the thousands of hours logged byon Dingo Hill Track to clear any fallen clubs affiliated with Four Wheel Drivetrees. The Kelly Lane gate had been Victoria. Importantly we had helpedunlocked earlier in the day by Wayne.improve the visitor experience for allWe journeyed back to Heyfield to drop Park users. off the trailers. Once again, we had Greg Rose.enjoyed the privilege of working withskilled Parks Victoria Rangers. We spent Land Rover Owners Club oftime in a magnificent part of the Alpine Gippsland Trip Leader.National Park. We solved the worlds FWDV Regional Representativeproblems and told a few tall stories and Southern Alpine National Park.jokes. Our volunteer hours will be added Club Spotlight TLCCV maintain Jericho CemeteryUnder the leadership of Dulcie Watts,Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Victoriamembers recently held a working beeat the historic Jericho Cemetery, oneof several historic sites which the Clubmaintains.The cemetery was very overgrown,and some of the historic signs hadbeen either stolen or damaged.Special bolts and nuts were installed The cemetery, that will hopefully prevent fututre theft. beforeand afterSlawko took charge of this job andRebecca cleaned all the informationboards working alongside him. Grasswas mowed around the cemetry andold Oak tree.Other historical sites up on the WoodsPoint-Walhalla Road were attended,plus adding extra historical sign postswere also completed.TRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201919'