b'The next morning the rain had clearedand after packing up we said farewell tothe Mansfield club members and againin two teams, tackled Wild Horse GapTrack (the A Team) whilst the B Teamcleared the Abbeyard-Cobbler andWilliams Logging Roads on our wayback to Whitfield. Again, I think the BTeam had slightly more work to contendwith (good planning on my part inselecting the teams and routes!), but weall met up and completed our trip withChris at Bennies on the Rose River forlunch, before the obligatory ice-creamat Cheshunt on the way home. Overall,a great weekend as always with goodwork done, excellent camaraderie andenjoyable driving in supporting ParksVictoria in their work in our AlpineNational Park. Many thanks to all theclub members who participated.A couple of stats on time and distancecovered on the weekend: we collectivelytravelled 2350 km (not including a returntrip from Melbourne for one participant),and spent 112 hours on clearing and 32hours getting to and from home.TRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201913'