b'Jackaroo 4WD ClubGOOGS TRACK20 metre long recovery strap and attached it to Ians car.In no timewe were on our way again.Soon we arrived at the Googs memorialsite where we had a look around and made our donations to themoney tree.We then headed to the lake, which was to be our camp-site for the next two nights.At Googs Lake we set up camp at the main area which is on the west-ern end of the lake, and this is the only area that has a toilet.Camp allset up we then went for a walk down to the lake.This lake is 15kmlong and 1km widequite an impressive sight, and there were a fewsmall pools of water still remaining from recent rain.Back at camp wesoon had a fire going and prepared for an early tea.No firewood canbe collected in this area so it is BYO.Ian and Alan were keen todonate their wood so as to lighten the load.The spuds were cooked inthe lovely coals.Tuesday morning was a cool start but the sun was soon up and thetemperature rose for another lovely day.Heading around the northside of the lake to visit Narala and Childara Rock holes, the track windsaround the lake through various camp areas and there were severalvantage points where you can see the lake.There was no much wildlife to be seen, but just up the track we couldsee something in the middle of the road.Approaching slowly we foundan emu chick.The chick was small and only a couple days old.Itappeared to have hurt itself as it was crossing the track.It had dugitself a depression in the soft sand and as we got out to have a look,the chick became spooked and managed to move itself off the trackand into the shelter of a tree.We hoped dad came back to look afterThe convoy the chick.nothing about them and that the department had not Next stop was Naraka Rock Hole.This rock hole is located a shortbeen there for some time.On eventually arriving at drive south of the main track.The holes are in large areas of rock withthe right office, we were told that all permit applica- various natural holes in which the rainwater runoff is collected.Sometions had to be made online.However, the gentleman of these rock holes have been enlarged by the First Nations people.behind the counter very kindly completed the applica- They light fires in the holes and the heat causes the rock to shatter.tions online for us.Problem solved and we were on Over time this process is repeated and the water capacity is enlarged.our way. One of the holes in this area is in the shape of a large bath withsmooth edges.Alan showed us areas near these waterholes that wereTo get to the start of Googs Track, you drive north of used as campsites.In these areas we found rock fragments that wereCeduna, turn off the highway and head to Lone Oak not found in the area, and these rocks were used to make weaponsHomestead.In the past this is where you go to and tools.register you were travelling on the track, but that no Next was Childara Rock Hole, a few kilometres down the track on pri-longer applies. vate property.I had spoken to the Manager at Lake Everade StationAt the start of Googs Track, we stopped and let our and had permission to visit.The entrance to the property is located ontyres down; for me 22lb in the Prado and 25lb in the the Dog Fence.As we were entering the property the local Doggervan.Later that day I dropped down to 18lb all round. came along and wanted to know why we were on the Dog Fence trackBefore we left we had a safety talk showing all how as it is restricted entry. We explained that we were going to thethe Sat phone worked and where it was stored.Alan Childara Rock Hole and had received permission from the stationgave a demo on his E.P.I.R.B.The convoy order was Manager, all was good.We had a long talk to the Dogger who told usIan and Anne in the lead, Gayle and I in the middle that a lot of travellers were using the dog fence track, which is illegal.and Betty and Alan would be tail end.The reasonwas seeing that I was towing there was someone frontand back if I got stuck.At the start of the sand dunes the base was dampand firm with some ruts and scalloped areas, butcould be driven easily in high second and sometimesa quick change to first.For the first hour all wasgood, but as the sun dried the sand it was time to goto low range and pick up the speed when approach-ing the dunes.The faster speed gave a better ride.On several of the dunes, I had to back off and have asecond go, however near the Googs memorial site Igot myself bogged near the top of a steep dune.Time for the first recovery. Out came the long handleshovel to clear away some sand, then we used Alans TRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201925'