b'A place of rich biodiversityIn an exciting precedent, several orchid With heavy rains over winter andFrom heathland swamps to towering species have recently bloomed within minimal vegetation to stabilise theMountain Ash forests, Bunyip State Park the parksome of which have never ground cover, the park is suffering fromis home to the Wellington Mint Bush, been previously recorded within the extensive erosion and silt runoff. ParksWhite-footed Dunnart and Lace area. Many of these orchids are listed Victoria has been installing coir logs, siltMonitors. Keep an eye out for the under the Victorian Rare or Threatened traps and hay bales which act asSouthern-emu Wren and Swamp Bush- Species register. Parks Victoria is erosion control infrastructure to try andpea, both rare sights. It is one of the few mapping the locations of these threat- reduce the impact of this soil erosion onplaces in Victoria where our state floral ened species via GPS to ensure future tracks, steep slopes and gullies aroundemblem, the Common Heath, state recovery works can be planned around the park. fauna emblem, the Leadbeater Possum, their ongoing protection.Parks Victoria staff and contractors haveand state avian emblem, the Helmeted Steps to recovery also been undertaking emergencyHoneyeater, can all be found.As well as these environmental values, stabilisation works, which includesThese species will eventually return to the bushfires also had a huge impact on removing trees that have beenthe park after the fires with an park infrastructure, particularly roads, extensively damaged by fires to theunassuming looking plant, Button Grass, bushwalking tracks, boardwalks and point they present a safety risk.being one of the first observed to return. signage. Parks Victoria is working on a Repairing damaged roads and tracksButton Grass provides valuable shelter long term recovery plan which involves (including drainage and erosionfor small animals that are particularly stabilising replacing damaged mitigation), restoring dozer linesvulnerable to predation post bushfires. infrastructure, removing hazardous trees constructed during fire fighting efforts,Eucalypt species are also making a and pest control.slow return, with Banksia and Hakeaspecies anticipated to sprout after therains over winter. TRACKWATCH DECEMBER 201915'