b'CHOOSING A FOUR WHEEL DRIVEWhether a first time 4WD buyer or deciding on areplacement 4WD, you will be faced with a host ofchoices, with more than two hundred models on offer.It is important to consider the reasons why you want tobuy a 4WD vehicle and to select a vehicle that best suitsyour specific needs. It is important to remember thatthere is no one vehicle that will meet all your require-ments. All 4WD vehicles are a compromise in some respect and it is essential that you define your needs asprecisely as possible before purchasing a vehicle.Whats right for you?Usage considerations1. As a second vehicleMany buyers are replacing the family wagon with amodern, user friendly 4WD. As they are unlikely to beused for serious four wheel driving, they are generally all-wheel - drives (AWD) that offer a higher driving position,lots of storage room, comfort and advanced tractionaids. Considerations: Ease of handling, parking, size, rear access, short orlong wheel base wagonIts important when choosing afour wheel drive to select one thatsuits your needs9'