b'4WD CLUB ACTIVITIES4WD club activities involve the whole family, providing a greater appreciation of theGreat OutdoorsClub activities Should you join a 4WD club?The principal activites of 4WD clubs are There are many 4WD clubs out there,the organisation of four wheel drive trips of but not all are affiliated with Four Wheelvarying duration to interesting locations, Drive Victoria. Why join an affiliated club?driver education and social events. There are around 100 4WD clubs that areFour wheel drive touring is undertaken in affiliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoriathe company of people with similar and these clubs are all covered by theinterests, lead by persons with competent Club Insurance Scheme which includesfour wheel driving skills, so remote areas Public Liability insurance, Personalcan be visited in safety. Accident Insurance Management LiabilityBy joining a four wheel drive club, novice Insurance and Professional Liabilityfour wheel drive owners have access to club Insurance which protects all members iflibraries, equipment,discounts and the something goes wrong. Social Mediaknow-ledge of more experienced drivers. groups cannot offer this insurance. Thisinsurance is included in club membershipAs a member of a four wheel drive club fees which are normally very reasonable.you are part of the four wheel drive move-ment and are kept aware of issues andlegislation affecting our recreation.Members are able to contribute to the futuredevelopment of the four wheel drive move-ment through promoting and practisingresponsible four wheel drive touring.Many clubs assist local communities andland managers with bush clean ups, trackclearing and bush fire and natural disasterrelief. They also support with communityprojects, fund raising and Camp Hosts inparks and camp grounds. The opportunityexists for you to use your vehicle to benefitthe community. The size of clubs varies from under 20members to over 700 members. Generally,the vehicle-based clubs are larger. Mostclubs produce a newsletter or magazine andmost clubs also have websites and socialmedia pages to promote their club and keepin contact with members. 66'